5 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits You Should Know


You may have heard the rumors and read the reviews, but now you're really doing some research. You've seen the pictures, and sure, they're pretty to look at, but now you're wondering if they truly do anything at all. You're digging deeper. Can they do more than simply light up a room? Can these Himalayan salt lamps really improve the quality of our life? I'm here to tell you that you'd be surprised what you might discover, and moreover that there's a decent amount of science to back it up. Allow me to share with you the 5 Himalayan salt lamp benefits I think you should know.

1. Reduced airborne pollution and allergens.

By now, you probably know how they generally work. When you turn a salt lamp on, negative ions are released, resulting in cleaner, crisper air, right? Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, and a whole lot more interesting. What we tend to forget is that harmful allergens and viruses – pet dander or the common cold, for example – spread so easily due to the moisture in our air. They thrive on it. But, as we all learned in middle school science class, salt naturally attracts moisture. So, when a salt lamp is "activated" by the bulb inside, the moisture that it has extracted from the air is now forced to evaporate more quickly due to the elevated heat, resulting in supplementary negative ions and oxygen. You know what that means? Reduced and neutralized impurities in our indoor air, and peace of mind.

2. Relief from the effects of electromagnetic field radiation.

As I write this, my cell phone sits on the table directly in front of me. I'm using my laptop and the restaurant's wifi. I occasionally glance at a TV in the background, which is broadcasting a soccer game. Sound familiar? Well, in this day and age, we're tethered to technology more than ever. But within the past decade or so, studies report overwhelming evidence that it may be precisely these situations that increasingly are triggering illness, fatigue, and overall lack of focus. They've found that "dirty electricity" or "electrosmog" (artificial wavelengths caused by the rapid influx of all the electronics now vying for our attention) is enough to cause severe imbalances within our mental and physical states. Thankfully, salt lamps, due to salt's neutral atomic structure, work to harmonize these disruptive wavelengths. This allows us not only to work hard, but more importantly to rest harder.

3. All natural, chemical-free air purification.

Since salt lamps are mined from mountain foothills and water basins that are rich in halite, they are completely naturally occurring. This is what gives each salt lamp its uniqueness – from the shape and the way it is carved, to the handsome unevenness of color and translucence. And there's no need to worry about harmful chemicals or irritants generated by these air purifiers. The only things these little guys are chock-full of are minerals and negative ions waiting to be released into the air.

4. One of the best ionic air purifiers for your money.

Breathing is important, but so is saving money. Unfortunately, it's almost as if we have to pay to breathe better air nowadays, especially for those of us who choose to live in heavily populated metropolises. We bring plants into our homes and we take vacations to locations where fresh air is abundant and unpolluted. We even go out of our ways to purchase top of the line, cutting edge electronic ionic air purifiers, hoping that they'll end up paying for themselves somewhere down the road. Researchers have found, however, that many air purifiers on the market today produce dangerously high ozone levels, which actually do more harm than good. Salt lamps, on the other hand, produce no undesirable side effects, while still efficiently and effectively ionize our indoor air. And at a mere fraction of the cost of an electronic ionic air purifier, how could you go wrong?

5. Pleasant, calming glow and presence.

Many people are impressed by a Himalayan salt lamp's ability to relieve stress and enhance relaxation almost immediately upon being turned on. Its unique orange hues, while offering enough light to sufficiently function as a night light, are modest and unobtrusive. From where we work to where we sleep, salt lamps can offer a sense of natural serenity to virtually any room.

Source by Alain De Courtenay


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