Introduction to Nutrition


Nutritional or dietary supplements are nothing new. In fact, all the food that we take has nutritional content In them. Nutritional supplements are food in a concentrated form, designed to give the benefit of eating a large quantity of some herbs, vegetables or fruits in a handy form. For example a soft gel of garlic can have the potency equivalent to that of eating 20 fresh cloves.

The nutrient quality of fruits and vegetables available today is poor, due to the depletion of the nutrient content in the soil. If you take into consideration the pollution in water and air, the use of hybrid or genetically engineered seeds, extensive use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, etc, it is optimistic to expect good quality of nutrition. In addition, the latest trend of fast foods and aerated soft drinks has reduced nutritional intake further. Cooking food using various methods might help improve the look or taste but depletes the nutritional content. Nutritional deficiency is the cause for many diseases. Pesticides tend to stay on fruits and vegetables requiring them to be washed properly before eating. A newspaper reported that traces of D.D.T. were found in breast milk,’indicating the levels of chemical toxicity that we are being exposed to. As such, the possibility of getting adequate nutrition through our regular diet has become difficult.

It is no wonder that chronic diseases are rampant today and striking people much earlier than before. Modern medical science is oriented at treating, suppressing or controlling the symptoms, rather than tackling the disease at the root level. The drugs interfere with the natural healing process of the body. Each science has its merits and we should understand them first, before undertaking any type of treatment. A certain disease may dictate a particular line of treatment.

The concept of health has been misinterpreted as the apparent lack of disease. When you consider that many chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes etc sometimes takes years to be detected or when you hear of the sudden death of heart attack of a seemingly ‘healthy’ person; you begin to realize that something is amiss and that some-thing is proper nutrition.

This has generated the need for good, consistent quality of nutritional supplements. The way our creator has designed the human body and its defense mechanism needs to be understood first. The holistic approach of proper nutrition given by dietary supplements provides our immune system with the right materials to heal and give optimal health.

It has been my endeavor to give the bare details of some common diseases along with their symptoms and causes, in the simplest language possible. The nutritional treatment recommended is for im-proving the body’s immune system to enable it to fight diseases and provide good health. Nutritional supplements are not suggested to treat or cure any disease because they by themselves do not do so. You may continue to take any treatment that has helped you and take supplements in addition, for better overall health. Please always consult your physician for any ailment. Do not make a diagnosis or treat any condition based on information given in this book. That is what we qualified doctors and medical labs are there for.

It would be noticed that several diseases affecting a particular area have the same herbal supplements suggested as the line of treatment. This in itself shows that the purpose of the supplements is to eliminate the cause, rather than treat the symptoms. This will help you understand the line of supplementary treatment to be taken for many other diseases that may not have been mentioned in the book.

It is humanly impossible to cover all diseases. Many common ones have been picked, as their occurrence is higher. Nutritional supplements will help the body to overcome most ailments in the long run. It should not be misconceived that there is any bias towards any system of treatment. That would be going against the Hippocratic oath that I have taken and religiously practiced. After all, it was Hippocrates who declared more than 2000 years ago, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

The first source of nutrition is our diet. You will find information on diet in the book. Proper eating combined with exercise and stress control are the building blocks of good health. Nutritional supplements come later and only when required.

It is hoped that this book will broaden your knowledge about nutrition, help improve the quality of diet and promote good health.

Source by Afroz Ahmed


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