What is Your Ecological Footprint?


Every human it lives has an ecological footprint and you should ask your self how big you are footprint is? Are you wasting energy? Are you wasting gasoline and fuel? Are you polluting the environment? Are you careful to recycle and reuse? All these things are important in determining your ecological footprint.

Recently Al Gore in his speech asked that everyone look in the mere and see if in fact they might be able to live a carbon free life. Do you lead a carbon free life? Well, I am pretty sure I do. It would be smart if folks would look in their own mirror before accusing our energy sector of foul play in politics, industry or lying to our people about Global Warming.

In reality, Global Warming is something you can pin on mankind’s emissions of CO2, there are so many relevant factors to the equation and the Earth, Sun and Climate are cyclical in nature. Nevertheless getting on the same page and agreeing that polluting is bad and therefore we should not do it, makes a lot of sense really.

I ask you as others have to look into your own mirror and ask yourself; Can I cut down on my pollution or my personal impact on the planet. What is your ecological footprint or signature? Each of us causes some pollution and since we all agree that pollution is not a smart act, lets all agree not to pollute and let the scientists debate what to call the changes in ambient surface temperatures here on this Pale Blue Dot. I hope you will think about this in 2007.

Source by Lance Winslow


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