Land Pollution – Difficult to Reverse But Not Impossible


Land pollution is one of the major types of pollution hurting the earth. Massive environmental degradation is the major culprit with the result of industrialization. There are so many reasons and causes of land pollution. The major factors responsible for this problem are the pesticides, leaching of wastes due to landfills, direct discharge from the industry, fuel dumping and oil dumping. All these habits are contaminating the soil and ultimately pollute the land. It is very essential to restore the contaminated soil in its best health. Scientists are developing and redeveloping great soil remedial techniques to assure the good health of our land.

Demolition of the earth's surface is best known as land pollution. Misuse of the land resources and bad human activities are highly responsible for this havoc. Other than contamination of soil, solid waste is also resulting in this pollution. Solid or semi solid waste includes paper, cans, electronic goods which are non-biodegradable, plastic containers, used and crashed cars, and bottles. When these wastes get accumulated, it becomes a threat to health. Mostly, the urban areas are becoming dirty, unhealthy, and hazardous for living. Waste coming from mines like heaps of slag and coal parts also result in great damage to earth.

As per the study conducted by government institutions, most common chemicals in soil are solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, lead, pesticides, and several other heavy metals. These chemicals result in soil contamination. This problem can lead to congenital disorders, birth defects, respiratory problems, chronic illnesses, cancer and the eco systems are affected to the great extent. Some of the best soil remediation methods are dredging, excavation, bioremediation, aeration, electromechanical extraction of the ground water, thermal remediation, and phytoremediation. It is very easy to pollute our mother earth but very difficult to restore the healthy position. The typical processes are quite tedious and expensive.

It is the duty of every human being to work on their part to stop this pollution. If we will not understand our duties and responsibilities, it will prove to be a threat to the human life. Land pollution can be prevented by educating human beings about the harmful effects of littering garbage here and there. Domestic things can be reused and recycled. It is better to dispose of the domestic litter properly. There is no doubt in the fact that it is the need of the hour to protect our mother earth from the demon of land pollution.

Source by Vishal M Shah


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