How to Use Alternative Energy at Home


About solar power.

Solar power is becoming much more widely available for the home consumer and as a consequence solar powered lights and solar powered features can be seen in many gardens and even in houses but often they have their limitations. Nevertheless solar power is still a viable energy source for your home and personal needs. There are grants available to have PV tiles fitted to your house as well as the grid tie systems that are associated with them. If you haven't already looked into solar power as an alternative to buying all your power from the grid then do a little research. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment but will it might just save you money on your energy bills.

About PV tiles.

Photovoltaic tiles are solar tiles used to transform the heat from the sun into electrical power and are becoming much more popular all around the world to power homes as well as heat water, heat your house or to heat your pool. Governments are beginning to offer grants to interested households and they are doing this as part of their commitment to producing more energy from renewable sources.

Photovoltaic tiles are available that look almost identical to normal roof tiles and with the grants they aren't much dearer, if they're any dearer at all. Having PV tiles fitted means you can either use the heat collected to warm your house, warm your pool or even to create electricity to power your house.

Grid tie systems.

If you have PV tiles fitted you should also get a grid tie system. This means that you can actually sell your unused solar power back to the grid, meaning that in summer months you might not just save money but you could also be making a small profit. You only need a small amount of machinery attached to your tiles and virtually any loft has more than enough room to store the transformers and other equipment required.

Other renewable energy uses around your home.

As well as using PV tiles there are other factors. If you are really eco friendly there are small wind turbines available that will produce energy for your home but the present level of technology means that much of the initial energy created is wasted before it can be turned into a useful power source.

You can collect rainwater using rain butts and use it for watering your garden or for cleaning your house. While this doesn't create energy to power your house it will mean that little bit less stress on your local reservoir.

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