Next Generation Synergy – 7 Places To Integrate Strategies Vs "What’s In It For Me"


In the green building world, designers create more efficient, friendlier environments while using fewer and less depleting resources. Credits as well as kudos are handed out for those who can integrate two or more strategies together in a qualifying category called “Building Synergies.”

New modes of transportation, on and off planet, use innovation to design more user-friendly methods of moving us from one place to another. Lighting technologists utilize old strategies in new ways while making light emitting diodes (LEDs) and light emitting plasma (LEPs) common words.

The business of media is taking a new form, although a few parent companies still control the multitude of what we see and hear. Massive giant corporations partner with a single charity to influence the struggles of humanity and gain market share.

The next generation thinks about forming strategic partnerships such as these, but with ten modalities at a time. They are technology companies connected to musicians and filmmakers connected with human rights and climate control activists connected with charities connected with inventors, artists and innovators using a systematic approach to elevate humanity and live the right way.

The new generation will cause governments and citizens to protect our climate, our wildlife, our resources, cause states and new corporations to partner to systematically maneuver our world into a positive, thoughtful, thriving economy where everyone eats and giant networks use their power and their profits to enable innovation and sustain humanity.

Methods of communication are growing at light speed so we can meet with our neighbors around the world with the push of a button or turn on a life-saving medical device from afar or enhance air quality through building systems.

Space travel is alive and well in the private sector as a recreational vehicle, a means of exploration or as an alternative means of exiting our planet in catastrophe.

Food production is sophisticated enough to address toxin-free manufacturing.

We are all part of this synergy. How influential depends upon how much action we take.

1. Environment and Ecology. Old industries are breaking down, in part, because their mission ignored the good of the environment and how this impacted our planet’s future. Profit-based strategy of the new generation considers the future. Now, we care more about where our water bottles will end up than the fact that we have figured out how to manufacture water bottles or that the water bottle holds liquid that can quench our thirst. In order to work all generations in synchronicity, this concept must be put in place.

2. Alternative Energy. Now, that we have gotten over the idea that we can use various energies to live, profit, and communicate; it is time to rein in the sources of energy we have at our disposal and sensibly restructure what we use. Otherwise, we will continue to overspend in the have-nations and deplete any chances for the have-not nations; and the up and coming generation will not speak to us; and the separation between economic classes in our great grandchildren’s generation will be appalling.

3. Alternative Health. If there were a universal cure for cancer, how many people would care what method of medicine discovered it? Wouldn’t everyone use it to heal and live? Integration is what the next generation knows. They integrate their lives in layers that previous generations could not imagine. Learning by their example, we can learn to work diligently to balance the gap between Western medicine and Eastern medicine. We might even take a moment to see that the roots are the same and that the proven research from each helps boost, rather than cause decline to, the other. The next generation or “Next Gen” sees one medical field. We can use our economic system to help it thrive and fuel research for humanitarian concern for all people.

4. Sciences. Rather than using the process that takes the inventor to the manufacturer to the distributor; the next generation looks at how we can enable humanity through integrated process. How a great invention will not sit unnoticed because an inventor did not have the funding for marketing. Although science has always been in it for the research and discovery, now, more than ever, the next generation is into “what’s in it for the world,” rather than how it can impact each individual person. We need to facilitate this attitude through cooperation and human network building.

5. Finance and Banking. How many of us think it is new to give a micro-loan of fifty dollars to help change a life, a family, a village? The “Next-Gen” thinks it is normal and wants to construct a society in which everyone believes regular giving is part of life. The great and powerful Oz of finance and banking, rather than connecting with a charity a month, must head in the direction of making humanity and humility part of its daily mission. This is not to say we should look to reduce revenue stream. Conversely, through thoughtful process and invention, human rights, education, and new generation thinking; systematic integration will cause recovery, thriving finance, increase and influx of revenue.

6. Arts and Entertainment. Through communication networks, messages are sent. Creatives need the vessel in which to send their creation. And the people look to celebrities to hear the message. But, in this, the next generation, we look to ourselves and social networks to broadcast our messages. Social media has become a combination of art and entertainment, in part because it involves proactivity, interactivity as well as instant gratification. With leadership and integration, the up and comers have the power to make change in ways that match their generation, facilitated by creativity, technology, media and social media.

7. Education. In order to have an educational experience that lasts and grows, the student must become the lesson. What we learn has to be connected to the reality of the now. We must learn about how the subject relates to the world of today, how it helps our independence and how we can use it to invent, create, lead, follow in a world that is rich with opportunity and change. What good would it be to study to become part of the corporation down the block if we know it will not be in existence when it is time to work? Shouldn’t we follow our individual goals and develop or utilize education that is right for us, rather than made for the masses?

With today’s technology, we have the opportunity to learn from our homes. Or do we? What if we have no food? Or, perish the thought, no internet? What exists in the world is not balanced. This keeps the world going, but it also creates instability. Shouldn’t we support education techniques to insure that everyone gets it? This would entail securing food, shelter, health systems, safe drinking water, books or internet. Today’s innovators have ways to create these opportunities. It takes action on our part. If our middle-classed neighbor in our middle-classed community asked us for some pepper or a banana, we would give it. Why not actualize the impact of food on education and act to enable a third-world citizen regularly or through a global effort? The generation of today is thoughtful. The ways in which to access education are growing because of the thinking of the new mind. The layers are endless.

In closing, I am beginning. The process of building the next generation means connecting to organizations that say more than “what’s in it for me.” If we facilitate talented orators, leaders, artists of all kinds through sensible networks which use alternative fueling, while supporting universal medicine which allows for its education through industrial scholarship, using the banking system for creative funding in a way that will impact us all; what will we have? We will have the way of the next generation. Let us build a global onion to empower humanity, each element multi-connected internally and externally. If each of us gives a little daily in some way, be it a thought, a dollar, a strategy, a comment, our time or our devotion; will we not be headed where this “Next-Gen” is now and is headed?

Let us connect with leaders of old and new, with strategies, proven and just out, with inventors and free thinkers who care about humanity in deep and impactful ways. Let us connect now and at Next-Gen-Expo in October in West Palm Beach, physically and virtually. We are the difference. We are the change. Let us take action.

Source by Diane Gold


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