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BBC weather Nick Miller explained this weekend will see heavy downpours and a large amount of snow falling in the Alps. It comes as severe windstorms are plunging Europe into a snow blizzard. Meteorologist Marko Korosec predicted a very large cyclone is at the heart of the windstorm.

Mr Miller said: “Friday brought another surge of stormy weather into Italy, strong winds and heavy downpours yet more snow is falling into the Alps.

“What an incredible season it has been so far here.

“Things are looking quieter across this part of the world as we go into the weekend because the weather system has brought the stormy weather into the southeast.

“It will bring some wet weather into Greece and Turkey.”

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He continued: “Some wetter weather through portions of France, plenty of cloud and temperatures barely above freezing through much of Scandinavia.

“We are going to see several weather systems moving into Iberia turning things much more unsettled.”

Europe is set to be disrupted by travel chaos, after a dramatic snowstorm has been forecast to smash into France and Germany in less than 24 hours.

France’s weather agency has already issued five weather warnings ahead of the storm, which also threatens to bring dangerous windstorm, producing blizzard-like conditions.

Mr Korosec said: “The frontal system associated with a deepening cyclone starts over the western Alps on Friday morning, developing a very intense snowfall as strong WNW flow establishes.

“Through midday, cyclone significantly deepens over North Italy and precipitation intensify with the stronger warm airmass advection into the Apennines and towards the N Adriatic region.

“Through midnight, heavy snowfall with blizzard conditions gradually diminishes over Slovenia but continues over the NW Croatia (Gorski Kotar region) in the wake of the cyclone, also due to orographic snowfall with the northeasterly flow onto the NW Dynarides.

“Further south near the cyclone’s center located over the central Adriatic sea, intense storms and excessive rainfall are likely.


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“Strong pressure gradient between a deep cyclone across the Adriatic sea and the strengthening ridge over the SW Europe should also develop extensive wind field.”

Experts at Ouest-France warned the windstorm coupled with the freezing snowfall could become a “violent weather system”.

Warnings also included fears of “locally extremely severe winds”.

German Weather Service (DWD) is predicting Berlin could also experience its first snowfall of the winter.

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