Pros and Cons of Using Solar Energy


There’s much debate as to the pros and cons of using solar energy, and both aspects should be examined carefully by anyone with any interest in having a PV (photovoltaic) system installed.

Solar energy is at the forefront of the push to increase the use of renewable energy technologies in view of the serious problems we’re currently having with carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. And, whether or not you are interested in going solar, it’s good to get some perspective on the good points and the bad points of a technology that many feel is destined to play a huge role in our everyday lives in future.

so, let’s look at the pros and cons of using solar energy and the reasons behind them.

What Are The Pros?

– Reduced energy bill – this is usually the main reason people decide to invest in a solar electric system, and rightly so, since utility companies are charging more for their services all the time, and that trend is bound to continue since fossil fuels are rapidly disappearing.

– Reduced pollution – this is probably the 2nd most important reason people decide to go solar, and, with our addiction to fossil fuels and the pollution they cause showing no signs of dissipating, this may, in fact, be the most important reason if we are to preserve the planet for future generations. Solar electric

– Reliability – PV systems are known to perform reliably in most weather conditions, which makes them suitable for use in most environments

– Almost no maintenance – there are no moving parts in PV systems, so the only maintenance needed is occasional cleaning and inspection.

– Safety – thanks to the fact that there are no moving parts and no fuel involved, solar power is extremely safe.

– Become energy independent – another prime motivator for a lot of people, especially with the rising cost of energy from the utility companies.

What Are The Cons?

– Upfront cost – purchasing a PV system costs a substantial amount and the initial cost is a major deterrent to many.

– Lack of sunshine – there’s only so much solar energy available, so solar panels are only productive for the part of the day when the sun is shining, which means that their usefulness is restricted by the conditions under which they operate. Also, they’re less productive on cloudy days.

– Home must be energy efficient – to minimize the initial cost of a PV system, energy usage must be reduced to the bare essentials, and energy must be used much more carefully. Making a home more energy efficient can involve considerable expense, but can save a fair amount when a PV system is sized.

There are many pros to using solar energy, but there are also cons that need to be considered. Hopefully, in most cases, the pros outweigh the cons, and solar energy will be adopted more widely.

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