FEAR, Doom and Gloom, We are all going to die, Ah hah hah ha hah?


Should we really be in fear of International Terrorists? Should we worry about a nuclear war, Y2K, planet alignment, comet or asteroid killing us all, Tsunami, SuperVolcano, are you scared yet? You should be we have been bombarding your brain for centuries and now we have mass media. Wake up and be scared. FEAR. This is nothing new to humankind. God is coming back, Nostradamos, Armageddon, end of days, revelation, please fear me now? Not enough for you? Did I mention Hurricanes, Earthquakes, bioterrorism, bird flu, mad cow, aliens. What? You still are not buying into it? What is a matter have we not programmed you better than this? Did you turn off the TV? Stop reading newspapers? We are playing this on every channel, station, radio, TV, print medium? Ever heard of the Internet? Yah we are using it to; FEAR; Fear I tell you.

Mankind has been doing what mankind does innately for 160,000 years. We have 10,000 years of recorded history showing nothing less. Those in charge lead by fear, it seems to be a great motivator of the human species so remember that and be scared, FEAR. Why would those who wish to control change such an easy level, just hit the fear button and all of a sudden you are in control. Think about it.

We change the setting and then expect the whole of mankind to do any different than the current mess of civilization. Well that is purely silly. The innate characteristics of the species must be factored in to every decision made by leaders at any level, if they are to deny those innate qualities they always lose. Therefore fixing the problems of a city, country or even the entire World is relatively simple. You do things, which give incentives to individuals of the human race, which fulfill such needs and innate desires. Every decision for forward progress should be based on incentive to get what the people and individual want, desire and need for their happiness and genetic make-up of this social being or you change the genetic make-up, which I suppose will occur within the next 100-200 years. You cannot simply try to nurture those things which have been going on for 160,000 years within a couple of hundred.

Do you ever wonder what mankind's leadership will come up with next to make us fear? Silly humans, you'll believe just about anything. Now keep your mind closed and FEAR. We thank you all; AH hah, hah, ha, ha. Fear!

Source by Lance Winslow


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