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BBC Weather’s Louise Lear warned of the the damaging conditions as Meteoalarm issued a ‘danger to life’ warning for wind and extremely low temperatures. Temperatures across the week are mild but will turn freezing by the weekend as Storm Brendan brings snow and ice to the continent. Storm Brendan has sent 100mph winds across the Irish Sea as its expected to intensify as it heads into western Europe.

Ms Lear said: “We’ve got a large area of high pressure dominating in central Europe with weather fronts pushing in from the Atlantic.

“You can see exactly where the unsettled weather is by the cloud and we’ve got some stronger winds as well with weather warnings out for damaging gusts of winds and rough seas across northern Spain.

“Heavy rain moves its way through France, Germany, the low countries and again to the east of that it’s largely dry and settled.

“Across much of the Mediterranean, it’s fine and quiet as most rain will ease off by Wednesday afternoon.

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“Still got some rain across France and also into Scandinavia.

“By Wednesday the weather front will ease its way through France and also Spain.

“Elsewhere it’s fairly mild and settled. It’s still pretty mild for the time of year.

“We are going to see signs of things quietening down.

She said there would be some showers around but that is going to change through the day.

Storm Brendan has now “cleared our shores” but another weather system is hurtling towards the UK later on.

Ms Kirkwood told viewers: “It’s going to be windy, particularly across Wales, but even across the north west of Scotland.

“In the highlands for a time today, we’re likely to see some blizzards on the hills.”

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