2012 Transition – The Elementals Need Our Help to Mitigate Natural Disasters & Potential Cataclysms!


Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, severe storms, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes – we are experiencing more and more natural disasters at much greater intensities. A large part of the reason this is happening is because the elementals (nature spirits) are heavily overburdened! Most people are totally unaware of elementals, what they do and the fact that without them, the earth would be uninhabitable and we would not exist here! They have worked heroically day after day for centuries to clean up the earth, the air and the water on our planet.

The 2012 Transition

There has been much conjecture about 2012 – especially the date of December 21, 2012 and what it signifies. Some believe it means the end of the world – and others believe it is simply the end of the world as we know it CONSCIOUSLY. I am amongst many who believe we are now in transition to a potentially higher level of consciousness, which could hopefully bring in a new Golden Age. This transformation process not only involves a cleansing within ourselves of old negative energies, limiting beliefs and blocks, but also a cleansing of Mother Earth of untransmuted negative energy that has impacted the planet for thousands of years through wars, acts of violence, human discord, etc.

Elementals take on our negative energies, which can then be outpictured on the Earth

All energy moves in rhythmic flow. These energy patterns – whether positive or negative – must sooner or later recycle through the planet. In the process, these energies are assimilated and outplayed by the forces of nature. Elementals are great mimickers of humans and our myriad range of emotions. They easily take on the vibrations of their surroundings and the energy of humans. Their mimicry of our discord can cause severe storms, raging floodwaters, violent earth movement and searing heat.

Mankind is largely responsible for what is happening on earth now due to the impact of wars, violence, discord, negative emotions (anger, hatred, and the like), abuse of the environment through deforestation, the release of toxic chemicals and other pollutants. All of this severely affects the earth and the nature spirits responsible for helping to clean things up – both physically and energetically.

We are also seeing the effects of karma being outpictured in the unusual and calamitous manifestations of nature. Karma is the law of cause and effect which operates through all our lives. It states that we are responsible for our thoughts and actions and the affect that has on others as well as nature. According to this Law, The energy of those thoughts and actions MUST be returned to us as like energy (what goes around, comes around). The elementals also bear the weight of that karma.

Why so many feel like they are in crisis now

Everything vibrates at different frequencies – this includes physical things as well as light, sound, even thoughts and emotions. Lower level vibrations include those of anger, fear, distrust, doubt, etc. These lower density energies impact not only our physical beings, but seriously impact the earth. To move to a higher level of consciousness, these old energies that no longer serve us at the highest level, are being brought up to the surface in order for us to deal with them – or not. It's kind of akin to an erupting volcano! That is part of the reason why so many people now are feeling like they are in a crisis state.

Mother Earth is also in a crisis state as a result of the overburdening of the elementals!

Mother Earth is also in a crisis state as witnessed by manmade disasters such as the massive oil spill in the Gulf and the large number of natural disasters taking place – some of which are more intense than they have ever been before. These are also a result of the elementals and the earth throwing off negative energies and karma that cannot be resolved in other, more peaceful ways. For example, when sylphs take on too much negative energy, they will rid themselves of it by starting a whirling action in the air – which can sometimes result in enormous hurricanes.

The elementals have become supersaturated with the taking on of negative energies, along with the burden of cleaning up toxins and pollutants. They carry a great weight of oppression and depression, despair and discouragement. Just as when we get overworked, the nature spirits too can become tired and listless. When the burden becomes too great, they are forced to throw off the weight. This can result in floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, and unfortunately at times, large scale cataclysm!

We are all interconnected

Everything is energetically connected to each other – humans, nature and elementals. We cannot engage in negativity without affecting the whole. Whether we are engaging in gossip, criticism or blowing our tops, the result is that energy then contributes to the planetary mass of negative elements, weighing down the planet and the nature spirits. Also, the more negative energy we put out, the more energy of like kind is attracted to us through the return of karma. Once this return of energy becomes physical, there is little we can do about it.


Due to the severity of untransmuted negative energy and the imbalance in our ecosystem, it is a daunting task to clean things up, but if we do not, we will be guaranteed more natural disasters! However, if we all do our part to care for our planet, the elementals and Mother Nature, we can help restore balance, mitigate natural disasters and avoid calamities.

On the Physical Level:

On the physical level, there needs to be a concerted effort by both individuals and nations to clean existing pollution and to take steps to not create more. Better choices need to be made to restore Mother Earth to health and harmony. This can involve the choice to use "green" / organic products, recycle, reduce emissions, minimize consumption of nature resources, etc.

On the Emotional Level:

KEEP YOUR HARMONY! That is probably the one single most important thing we can do emotionally for the elementals. When we are in harmony, they are in harmony. Of course, it's probably impossible for most people to maintain their harmony all the time, but if we can all try to do that as much as possible, we will eliminate much of the negative emotional energies that burden the nature spirits and contribute to natural disasters .

On the Spiritual Level:

There are a number of spiritual techniques available – some that specifically target each elemental group – and can be a HUGE assistance to them. They include prayer, decrees, mantras, meditations and use of the violet flame – which can even transmute karma! In the pocket book, "Is Mother Nature Mad? – How to Work with Nature Spirits to Mitigate Natural Disasters", it explains how to work with the elementals and gives numerous examples of these techniques as well as specific prayers and decrees we can give to assist the nature spirits. I HIGHLY recommend this book and it can be obtained on Amazon new for under $ 6.00 and used for under $ 2.00. A very small price to pay to help the elementals and our planet!

An easy meditation:

One of the keys to working with the elementals is to give them the love of your heart. They respond to love and that, along with the energy of joy is very uplifting to them. Regularly giving to the nature spirits also builds trust.

To do this meditation, center in your heart and remember a time when you felt very loving and joyous. Strongly feel the energy of love and joy in your heart. Then visualize yourself in the blazing white fire core of Mother Earth. Send the energy of love and joy out to all the elementals and through the earth. See it radiating out in all directions as dazzling rays of white, pink and gold. Keep this up for a minute or more and do it daily whenever you have a little spare time.

You will be amazed at the difference this simple meditation can make to you personally too! What you send out vibrationally will be returned to you multiplied. The elementals will be grateful and will in return assist you. It also helps connect you with your Higher Self.

An Important Key: Your Higher Self

Another very important thing we can each personally do is work on reuniting with our higher self. This Self is our True Self and has not only the power to change and improve our own lives dramatically, but can contribute in much greater ways to helping the elementals.

Reconnecting with your Higher Self will also help you navigate the 2012 transition in a much more harmonious way as that Self will guide you each and every step of the way! By establishing a strong connection with your True Self and working with the elementals, it can also keep you out of harm's way.

What can be done if a natural disaster is about to or already has occurred?

There is much that can be done before or once a natural disaster has occurred to help mitigate its impact. In the book, "Is Mother Nature Mad?", It gives specific, practical strategies for dealing with fires, hurricanes, drought, floods and earthquakes.

Will you help the elementals?

Each and every one of us has elementals who depend on us! Considering the cataclysmic events that have already taken place recently, it is definitely in our best interest to do all we can to help the nature spirits. They have helped us for so long and now we can repay that assistance. So will you commit to helping the elementals to heal and renew our planet? The 2012 transition does not have to be cataclysmic if we will all do our part!

Source by CA Russ


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