Top 5 Halloween Costumes


If you are planning to go out on the neighborhood trick or treating or see a Halloween party this year, be prepared to see many non scary Halloween costumes out there. Nowadays the majority don’t go for the scary look in order to get some shocks or frightening reactions, although there are wearers who want to scare the hell out of their neighbors and friends.

There are individuals who prefer to look elegant and respectable, even on a Halloween night. Whether someone is going door to door looking for treats or attending a house party to enjoy food over some beverages, that individual wants to wear something that is going to stand out from the rest of the crowd and get everyone’s attention.

The most popular and demanding costumes every year tend to be those which are related to certain current events and which are inspired from recent movies, news events and famous personalities Halloween is an event which takes place once a year, so one should not be afraid to be risqué or exploit traditions and taboo.

Costumes related to current events:-

Looking back to the recent events that have been very much in the news, one might think of the events that took place in Egypt or the BP oil spill disaster.In order to portray the events of the BP oil spill, one can replicate it even after wearing any kind of a costume. This can be achieved by adding oil to any kind of a costume, for example mermaids, birds, sailors, pirates and manatees can all become more current with just a splash of oil.

Avatar- Jake Sully:-

This is considered one of the top Halloween costumes out there despite the fact that if someone shows up in a party with this costume, he or she might look like a smurf or a smurfate.

Super Heroes:-

Avengers are making a lot of buzz nowadays, and that makes these Halloween costumes as hot favorite options. Iron Man 2 was a big hit, the new Hulk movie will be released in 2012 and so will the Thor and Captain America movies next year. With costumes of such super hero characters one can raise a lot of eye-brows, especially if they are portraying a super hero character that has a fancy cape.

Classic Halloween Costumes:-

The Classic Vampire Costume is one of the most popular costumes that children and adults love to wear. This costume gives out the real essence of Halloween. One can also add some fake fangs to make it more realistic. You can also be the enchanting queen of hearts. The costume consists of a velvet top with a ruffled detail. It also has a train attached to the top. This costume can be your version of the Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland.

Michael Jackson:-

Imagine yourself moon walking while trick or treating or entering into a party with that iconic white glove and hat. In a very short period of time this has become one of the top Halloween costumes out there.

Source by Phil Legaro


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