How Companies Can "Go Green" and Increase Sales


People around the world are making the decision on only buy from "green" companies. This is whether they are looking for furniture, groceries or the latest clothing store.
Protecting the environment has become a number one priority for some many people, which means companies now need to take the initiative, create green awareness within their offices, factories and warehouses and then market that to generate income.

Companies that are not embracing the green initiatives are ones that are struggling. Introducing environmentally friendly procedures into the workplace is much easier than many business owners think, in fact with clear instructions to staff and procedures in place, any company can run without a major impact on the environment.

The aim is to lower your carbon footprint and then ensure your customers know about it. Something as simple as starting a recycling project at the office is the first step in the right direction.

When putting any recycling procedure in place its essential all staff are aware of what the company is looking to achieve and are all on board to make it work. Recycling is essential in any working environment, there is always paper, toners and other items which could be recycled which is thrown into the garbage and sent to the landfills.

Therefore the first step to going green is to start a recycling project at work and get everyone on board.

The second step can be to put sustainable energy in place. While this isn't practical for many companies, large stores such as Ikea have been using solar power for many years, so it can be done.

While sustainable energy is a large expense to start, it does reduce your monthly energy expenditure and will offer a return on investment within a few years. Wind power is another way companies, especially factories can use energy without impacting the environment.

What about deliveries? Companies that work with strict delivery schedules, delivering to certain areas on certain days and using smaller vans rather than large trucks can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

Many companies worry that customer won't understand that they have to wait an extra day for delivery, but if explained that it is done to reduce the companies carbon footprint and ensure the vans are filled when on the roads, most customers will understand.

Then there are green bags. Green bags are a great way to show your company cares about the environment. These bags can be used for grocery stores and even at trade shows, clothing stores and so much more.

The advantage to green bags is that they not only prove the company is dedicated to the environment, but they can improve brand visibility. Most green bags are custom designed, which means the company logo and slogan can be added to the bags.

Every customer that has green bags are likely to use them when out shopping, not necessarily at your store, which means your branding is being shown throughout the country.
The best thing about green bags is that while you pay for the initial cost of the bags and customization, the visibility is completely free as your customers do that for you.

In order to survive in the very competitive market, every company needs to come up with ways to increase visibility and improve sales turnover. With so many people now only using "green" companies, any company not embracing green initiatives is going to suffer in the long run.

From small changes such as recycling to incorporating larger changes such as sustainable energy, be sure to advertise your efforts to ensure you get the audience and the sales.

Source by Michael Wold


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