An Energy Alternative-Free Radiant Energy From The Sky Generators


I believe the recent increase in the typhoon’s strength has something to do with the increase in our planet’s temperature. It is a fact that with this increase in global temperature, there are large portions of the North and the South Pole’s icebergs are melting. It is pretty obvious that these gradual increases in the volume of melted ice affected our weather. Too much use of gasoline fuel is one of the root causes of global warming and this had been acknowledged by the leading scientists all over the world. Subsequently, how can we control it? I strongly believe that if we decrease our reliance on fossil fuel and start using alternative renewable resources, we could stop global warming.

Relatively, we will discuss today one promising candidate, the free radiant energy from the sky. This type of energy is free, it is abundant, it could be extracted everywhere and available at anytime you need it. The only setback is the technology to extract it is not fully developed.

The inventors and scientists of free radiant energy from the sky believed that huge amounts energy or power could be extracted from the Zero point fields or from the quantum vacuum quantized fields. This is a quantum mechanical state of matter for a defined system which is achieved when the system is at the lowest possible energy level that it could be in. This is called the “ground state” of the system.

It is thought of the vacuum energy originated from virtual paired particles and has a very short life span that is very hard to notice. The behaviors of these virtual particles are anticipated to be everywhere, even in the whole of the Universe. It is very hard to quantify the actual effect of that impulsive release of vacuum energy even if their behavior had been codified with the help of the Heisenberg’s energy-time uncertainty principle.

With the confirmation that vacuum energy exists, the possibility of free radiant energy devices or machines had been theoretically justified. This principle is fully supported with the successful experimentation of Tsung Dao Lee and Chen Ning Franklin Yang on the concepts of broken symmetry and parity violation. As a result of their successful scientific discovery they were awarded the 1957 Nobel Prize for Physics.

There is a great resemblance between a vacuum energy and electromagnetic noise waves in which it propagates isotropically in all directions. These electromagnetic noise waves are accessible using directional coupler. Incidentally, the technology to produce short wavelength directional coupler applicable for vacuum energy is still not available. Although there were many attempts from the scientific research community to associate the fields that generate the vacuum energy to specific fields, it still remained a mystery.

The most current news the World is watching right now is the discovery of a new particle which they believe to be thought of a Higgs particle. Scientists think the Higgs particle does exist and are the elementary particles that possess mass. They also hypothesized that a special field exists where the fundamental mass is created. It is known to be as the Higgs field. This discovery is very important because with the standards of modern physics, mass is linked to the gravitational interaction.

In conclusion, the fact that vacuum energy has been verified to exist; tapping the free vacuum energy from the sky is still mysterious. But there is new hope. With the discovery of a new particle which is thought to be closer to what a Higgs particle looks like, there is a good probability they will produce a real Higgs boson. I believe we will be able to fully tap the potential of harnessing free energy from the vacuum or from everywhere.

Source by Orlando Racelis


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