What To Consider When Buying a Wood Burning Stove


Since wood is a renewable resource, a wood burning stove in an environmentally friendly solution to keep your house cozy this winter. Every year millions of trees are planted around the world. Wood is cheap and easy to get. Plus, when you buy it locally, you also help your community financially.

Whether you just want to add a beautiful element to your home decor or just keep warm during the winter, choosing the right wood burning stove is essential.

Getting To Know The Product

Every wood burning stove offers an alternative source of fuel, while keeping you warm. You can use it as an alternative to an oil burning furnace, a natural gas heat pump, and even electric heat base boards. An oil burning furnace produces a lot of carbon emissions, while an electric heat base board is very expensive. Electric heat doesn’t seem to produce carbon dioxide. However, power plants that generate electricity produce tons of carbon dioxide, especially since coal is the primary fuel in the United States.

A wood burning stove is very efficient and produces very little smoke and ash; that way you don’t have to worry about your health or a negative environmental impact.


The standard sizes are small, medium and large. Small stoves can heat a family room or even a small cottage. With this size model you can heat certain areas of your home and save on fuel consumption. On the other hand, a medium size appliance can keep a whole small house warm or even an energy-efficient medium house. Finally, a large size appliance is capable of heating larger houses with open plans or old houses with lots of air leaks.

While talking to a retailer, don’t forget to mention the size of your home, as well as its age and floor plan, in order to choose the right size appliance for you.

Clean Burning Means Money Saved

A quality wood burning stove is clean and protects your health; in addition, it can also save you lots of money on your energy bill. The manufacturers of these appliances have developed great combustion techniques with a lower emission range. This means that it’s cleaner and more efficient.

During the winter, supplementing your heating system with this appliance is a great idea to save on heating costs.


Generally, there are two types of stoves in the market: non-catalytic and catalytic combustion. Non-catalytic are the most common ones and easy to use. On the other hand, catalytic ones are a little bit more complex and you must constantly maintain them at the peak of their performance.

Finding The Right Place To Buy

Look online and find a reliable retailer to talk to. They can guide you on the purchasing process and give you the best options available to enhance the beauty of your home.

Source by Andrew Stratton


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