Mexico and Its Three Cultures


It often happens, when you are seeing in the dull evenings the dullness behind the window and the nasty rain drizzling outside, and the autumn having entered its possessions brings melancholy… and you dream… maybe somewhere it is warm and the sun tenderly pleaches its rays into your hair, the wind brings the light breeze from the ocean or the sea…There is such a place where the sun shines almost every morning, where every new day is fine, because namely from October till January is the best season for travellers to the cradle of ancient civilizations of the New World – Mexico.

The land of ancient civilizations Aztec and Maya nowadays represent the bright and unforgettable binding of the past with the present, combines the fairytale mountains, impenetrable jungles, landscapes of formidable beauty, the widest plains and refined pyramids.

Mexico means rich history, bright colours, proud and open-hearted people, all that would conquer you and impress with sincere hospitality. I would like to expound some facts that would educate you and would possibly tempt you as me to make a pass into this country and to obtain much enjoyment and impressions.

So, in the West the coasts of Mexico are washed by the waters of the Pacific and Gulf of California, in the East – by the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. In the South it borders with Guatemala and Belize.

The capital of Mexico or the United Mexican States that I would like to share my impressions is Mexico. This is a Latino-American mega city established on the ruins of the Aztec’s capital. This is the largest city in the world and the oldest in the New World surprising with the abundance of monuments of Pre-Spanish and colonial periods.

They say the cities have the soul, the soul of Mexico and of its multi million population is hidden under the enormous covering paved with dark plates of Plaza de la Constitution, Socalo. Everyone who was in Venice could compare the area of the Constitution square with the Square of Saint Mark in Venice; and the same way the governmental buildings rise over at the square borders, among which there is the monumental palace of the Government with the famous fresco of Diego Riviera and the largest cathedral church of Latin America.

One more impressing place is Chapultepec Park where multiple sights are situated such as The Museum of Modern Art, The National Anthropologies Museum, the zoo and Chapultepec Castle.

Actually Mexico sponges several cultures and acts as a guardian of simultaneously three – Indian, Spanish and Mexican one, created from the two previous cultures. Therefore, the museums are full of a quite numerous amount of precious items of the Great Indian States, the Spanish style may be observed only at the Square of Saint Dominique where one of the magnificent baroque churches of in its turn Europe can be viewed at the luxurious avenue Paceo de la Reforma, and the modern trend can be seen in the Palace of Fine Arts.

You had obviously watched the films about Indians and their routine life, and here only 40 km far from Mexico you have the possibility to land up among the most famous and mysterious monuments of Indian culture: Teotihuacan archaeological protected area with the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, the Avenue of the Dead and Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Dragon), occupying the territory of 23 sq. km., this city is the major archaeological zone of America.

And as an opposition to the antiquity some symbol of contemporaneity is the Torre Latinoamericana tower that is 177 meter high. You should certainly climb up it in the evening and an image of the sea of houses illuminated with millions of lights will for a long time remain in your memory. And having descended and entered the Garibaldi square you would meet the musical bands that until late night play the music of mariachi for everyone who is ready to give them some peso.

Actually it is very pleasant not only to walk around the city, to visit museums and architectural monuments, but also to sit in a cozy restaurant or a small café. Believe me, it is as interesting as tasteful. For example, I and a rather large amount of people in the whole world prefer Mexican cuisine as one of the most diverse and delicious in the world. The most famous national dishes that are worth tasting and that you can easily find in any café and even in a street booth are tortillas (corn pones), burrito, fajitas, kesadiya. You should be very attentive because the Mexican cuisine likes to add much hot pepper chili but in many tourist places the hot sauces are served separately. Reference the beverages I would not be original if I would say that the national and world-known beverage is tequila, beer and mescal.

Having fed up with the sweets, if you still have time such place as house-museum of Trotskiy of one of the most bright, contradictory and tragic personalities is worth your attention.

House-museum of Frida Calo, who is the famous Mexican artist, wife of well-known painter Diego Riviera with particular unique art, mysterious character that still arise genuine interest and attract amateurs of the pictorial art to Mexico. Several decades after her death Frida Calo became the cultic personality of the feminine movement. Her complicated life (she had poliomyelitis in her childhood, several dozens times she was operated) imparted her figure some unbelievable strength.

To finish the excursion around Mexico I recommend visiting Xochimilco channels. This is a charming place of flowers or swimming gardens. Ancient Aztec channels called Chinampas remind about the remnants of Tescoco lake, where the city itself was raised. In order to make the complete image of all that was seen the promenade by gondolas named trajinera with live music Mariachis sipping all seen, uniting the impressions and enjoying such different and at the same time harmonious city that is not similar to any other.

However at parting, if some money are left you can instead of sitting in the hotel – go shopping to the shops and stores with souvenirs, as for example articles made of silver, Indian motives, hand-made carpets and tissues, poncho and capes “sarape”, and certainly sombrero, articles of leather, masks and figures made of wood, onyx, obsidian and ceramics.

Somehow in imperceivable way the noise and the music, the colonial palaces and the skyscrapers, the slums and the world-known museums, the green mellows and the dirty air … co-exist in Mexico… but all that is alive, truly-touching and real, and namely for this we admire, surprise, survey and exult the moments granted to us by this city! Would you believe my stories and impressions? It is up to you to decide but the only way to check is to go there, where besides wonderful recreation at the seaside you would percept breathtaking events of the past going to the voyage right in the heart – in Mexico.

Source by Iuri Tarabanov


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