BBC Weather: Temperatures plummet BELOW ZERO as UK braces for freezing cold snap next week | Weather | News


Temperatures this weekend could reach as low as -3 degrees celsius according to BBC Weather forecaster Darren Bett. He explained there would be chances of snow and frost over the weekend due to clear skies overnight. He said: “Most of us are going to be enjoying dry weather this weekend.

“We have seen some wintery showers in Scotland.

“They will become fewer as we go through Saturday as it becomes drier for Northern Ireland and north-west England.

“There will be a high cloud in Northern Ireland that will spill down towards Wales and southwest otherwise we will see blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

“On Saturday it will widely be six to eight degrees celsius which is normal for this time of the year.

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“With those showers fading away from Scotland and the winds dropping and with clear skies tonight and overnight we will get a frost pretty widely.

“It will be frosty even in towns and cities with temperatures as low as -2 and -3 degrees celsius.

“The exception will be the highlands in Ireland and here we have got a milder stronger breeze coming from the Atlantic around the top of that area of high pressure.

“In southern parts of the North Sea there could be one or two showers here perhaps on Sunday morning.

The Met Office’s Aidan McGivern said: “For this time of year, a scattering of snow in the Scottish Highlands isn’t unusual, we might see a few snow showers through the higher grounds on Saturday, but Sunday should be clear.

“Some places might see a slight dusting and some may see nothing at all.”

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