Earth Saving Renewable Alternative Energy


Here we go again, another round of earth shattering gas and oil price increases I can't afford. How about you? Our "leaders" are so short sighted, relying on polling to determine what they "believe". Right now they are telling us what we want to hear, they say we are going green, saving energy, of earth saving, yes sir I really believe that. Oil price increases add to the cost of food and living in general. Did you ever notice, costs go up, but do they come down when oil prices drops? Scammed again like the insurance gouge after 911.

I have been desperately trying to figure out how I can afford to get more bang for my energy buck. Sure, if I had unlimited funds I would go to a wind powered, solar powered, alternative energy, electricity consumption efficient house shaped like my "bad middle finger" flashing it defiantly at "the man". Well, guess I should keep on buying lotto tickets and look into solar electricity.

One idea is a grid tied solar system is one that allows you to feed electricity into the grid and draw it back out as needed. The system consists of three main parts: a solar array, a power inverter and a two way power meter (supplied by the utility). Together, these three elements work to ensure a continuous flow of electricity into your home.

The solar array collects electricity from the sun during the day and feeds it into the power inverter to be processed.

The power inverter takes the DC current that the alternative energy solar panels generate and converts it into household electricity. Then the inverter decides whether to feed the electricity into your house or into the grid based on how much power you are using.

The two way power meter, allows electricity to flow into the grid when you generate more electricity than you use and back in to your house when you use more than you generate. The power meter also enables your electrical utility company to rebate or credit you for the electricity that you feed back into the grid, thus lowering your power bill.

On the topic of solar alternative energy I came across this great website the other day where this fellow named Michael Harvey, a real "Renewable Energy Enthusiast". Finally something I could understand and actually afford. Michael decided to do something positive to assist normal people to use alternative energy sources. He built the whole thing himself for under $ 200 and has written a complete alternative energy guide with blueprints, illustrated plans, everything, completely turn-key and best of all, it works. Michael not only built his own power plant but gave his guide to several test subjects. Every one of whom was able to generate enough solar and wind renewable electricity to power their household appliances.

Source by Mike Laxton


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