Tesla's Free Energy Generator Invented 100 Years Ago: A Modern Alternative to Electric Companies


There are many different viable alternative energy solutions which are efficient and effective ways of lowering your monthly electricity bills. If the concept of free energy is new to you, you might think of it as something that is too good to be true. The power we are used to paying for right now is definitely not free. Amazingly enough, Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla had invented a free energy generator almost a century ago.

Tesla created many inventions in his very own laboratory. One such invention was the magnifying transmitter. This free energy generator device converted radiant energy in the atmosphere to electrical energy without relying on an external source. This would've been a shocking innovation to reveal to the general public who was just getting used to using electricity in the late 1800s but Tesla ended up not getting the proper financial support he needed. Famed investor JP Morgan initially backed Tesla for financial support but eventually realized that this new transmitter would demolish electric company profits. As Morgan was heavily invested in these electric companies, he realized that endorsing this new device would only mean millions lost in investment. Morgan immediately cut off funding for Tesla's inventions and encouraged other fellow investors to do the same. Tesla's laboratory was also burned down, perhaps by arson. The majority of his research had been lost. Fortunately, Tesla had already made his name as an electrical engineer. He created the alternating current (AC) power system that is still widely used in modern society.

Electric companies are in complete control of the electricity that runs to our homes. There are no real options to live off the grid and most people would not really consider it. Tesla's magnifying transmitter can easily be designed with the proper parts, all of which can be found online. Tesla's mysterious transmitter invention paved the way for scientists hobbyists and engineers alike. While the option for a free energy generator is not the most obvious energy choice for the home, the blueprint is available and can be easily assembled. There are many different energy solutions that are available to a homeowner with the proper research. By generating your own electric power, you can save a ton of money on your electrical bill! It is amazing that Tesla's invention from over a century ago could be a viable alternate energy solution to the AC system provided by the electric companies today.

Source by Mark J Lillis


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