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The Met Office has warned that the mercury will drop to a freezing -7C (19.4F) in some places throughout the night before a chilly morning. Forecasters have predicted that the decrease in temperature will be set against the warmer temperatures of Iceland’s Reykjavik, Moscow in Russia and the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The weather agency has said that in terms of temperatures a north-south divide will be seen.

As the northwest will experience around 10C (50F) in contrast to the bitterly cold conditions elsewhere.

Alex Deakin, from the Met Office, explained: “Across the south it will again be a cold night.

“Certainly in rural areas it could be as low as -4C (24.8F) to maybe -7C (19.4F).”

Due to the horror conditions, numerous agencies warned about taking extra care when out on the roads.

In some areas, police told drivers to “crawl along” icy roads, regardless of whether they will turn up to work as a result.

According to The Sun, the Met Office’s branch in Devon and Cornwall issued a stark warning surrounding the dipping temperatures.

They said: “Road surface temperatures are at -5.1C (22.82F) and still forecasted to go down lower.

“Drive with care, ice possible even on gritted roads.”

Throughout the day, the Met Office said that fog and freezing fog patches in Wales and southern England would slowly lift.

The group advised that it would be cloudy for much of the rest of the country.

Rain will also be experienced at stages in the northwest.

However, East Scotland and northeast England will see some good sunny.

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