BBC Weather: Storm Gloria brings ‘wettest day on record’ to parts of rain-soaked Europe | Weather | News


BBC Meteorologist Helen Willetts forecast a “stormy start” to the week across Iberia and the western Mediterranean, which will continue. The remnants of Storm Gloria have brought the “wettest day on record” for Barcelona in January. As we’ve gone through Tuesday into Wednesday, the cloud has remained around.

Ms Willetts told viewers: “There are still more rains to come for southern France and across Andora and the Pyrenees, so northern parts of Spain, too.

“Another arm of rain comes back into Portugal, Gibraltar and northern parts of Africa as well as parts of Spain.

“We’ll also see some mountain snow across Turkey.

“It looks really unsettled here through the Levante region.”

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She continued: “Dry air will be in between, under that high pressure system.

“It will be stagnant for the Balkans and the low countries.

“It’s really chilly where that fog doesn’t clear.

“Still strong winds though in contrast across the western Mediterranean, blowing into the coast of eastern Spain as well.”

Ms Willetts said: “Still the second branch of that rain coming down into the Canary Islands as well, bringing some showery rain here.

“In Oslo, we’ve got temperatures above freezing as well.

“Some further rain or showers are to come, just that stagnant air though for parts of France.

“For Madrid, it does brighten up again as we head into the weekend.

“Temperature still above freezing for most parts in Moscow, well above where they should be.”

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