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Videos of the aftermath of Storm Gloria have been emerging online showing the devastating damage caused by the severe weather on Monday. The holiday hotspot of Tossa De Mar in Spain near Barcelona has seen streets blanketed with unbelievable amounts of seafoam. Storm Gloria has brought heavy snow, freezing temperatures and strong winds to Spain, killing four people so far. Huge waves inundated promenades and seafoam even reached into homes in the popular tourist town.

Massive waves crashed ashore in the Catalonia destination as a result of the lethal Storm Gloria bringing with them a deluge of seafoam, or marine foam, which is caused by the agitation of organic matter in seawater.

The marine matter stuck to the walls of buildings as it engulfed the coastal town on Monday.

With more than 30 provinces on bad weather alert, Valencia on the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands were bearing the brunt of the storm on Monday.

Port authorities estimated waves of 8.44 metres in Valencia on Monday, which they said was a record, while a Reuters witness said waves had been growing throughout the day, crashing on to Barcelona’s famous Barceloneta beach.

A 63-year-old man died at home in the central province of Avila after being hit by roof tiles lifted by a gust of wind, said David Segovia, mayor of the town of Pedro Bernardo.

The unusually cold weather was blamed for the death of a 54-year-old homeless woman in Gandia, near Valencia, according to officials.

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The Spanish government was forced to declare a state of emergency as a result of the extreme weather. 

One man in northwest Asturias region was killed by a vehicle on a snowbound road, reportedly struck while fitting chains to his car, an emergency services spokesman said.

And Spanish media quoted the mayor of the Valencian town of Moixent as saying a fourth man had died after being found outside his home showing signs of hypothermia on Monday morning.

Catalonia’s regional government ordered a ban on all outdoor activities in the Girona, Barcelona and central Catalonia regions, a spokesman for its interior department said, adding those who did not comply with the ban could face a fine.

“Some areas of fog will be around too which will be slow to lift.

“All the weather activities happening to the other side of the Mediterranean where the wettest of the weather is probably going to be heading its way northwards, up towards Barcelona and into the Pyrenees.

“Of course, there’ll be some more snow in the mountains.

“That Storm Gloria will weaken in the next few days, but still the threat of some rain in Madrid, for example, in the outlook.”

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