Switching From Your Old Aviation Solvents to Aero Kleen Brings Several Benefits


Whether you operate an aviation company or own your plane, ensuring that an aircraft remains in flying condition requires the removal of accumulations on aircraft’s working parts, including: grease, fuel oil, hydraulic fluids, carbon and organic resins. Traditionally, aviation companies and private pilots use toxic solvents to keep their aircraft flight ready. But with environmental awareness defining the industrial and domestic solvent industries, more aircraft owners are switching to non-toxic aircraft cleaners for numerous reasons. If you currently use a traditional solvent to maintain your airplane(s) and are considering switching to a non-toxic cleaner that performs as well or better than your current solvent, Aero Kleen is an environmentally preferred aviation solvent that is gaining in popularity among aviation companies and personal aircraft owners alike. Using Aero Kleen instead of a traditional industrial cleaner brings several advantages. Below, we list five of them.

Safe on all Metals

In the past, cleaning the whole of an airplane’s working parts required the purchase of numerous solvents to avoid the corrosion of certain parts by using a single solvent that was too abrasive. But with Aero Kleen, aircraft owners have a solvent that works on all mental airplane parts, including all engine parts. Aircraft maintenance can be expensive, and adding to that expense by purchasing a variety of solvents when using Aero Kleen would suffice is now unnecessary.

No Hazardous Ingredients as Defined by the EPA

Using industrial cleaners that have a high toxicity can result in more than pollution; it can also result in aircraft companies being put in a difficult position when the banning of certain chemicals leads to the discontinuance of a certain cleaner. The best way to avoid this situation is to switch to a non-toxic solvent that offers the same cleaning power as your current solvent before EPA regulations force you to switch. As environmental consciousness continues to define industrial legislation, more toxic chemicals will be banned. Switching to Aero Kleen today allows you to stay ahead of EPA regulations.

Not a Flammable or Combustible Liquid

One of biggest downsides to toxic aviation cleaners is their low flash point, which puts both aircraft and their technicians at risk for being involved in a fire. Although aircraft are cleaned without their engine running, one spark from faulty wiring can turn a routine cleaning operation can result in an aircraft going up in flames and the technician suffering serious burns. Aero Kleen has a TCC Flash point above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a non-flammable and non-combustible liquid. Although switching from your traditional aircraft cleaners to a non-toxic cleaner can feel risky, non-toxic aircraft cleaners are supported by research that displays their efficacy, as Aero Kleen is a perfect example.

Source by Timothy Byron


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