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Snow is set to smash the UK within just 48 hours, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. Meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker told viewers to expect to wake up to “wintry weather” including snow on Monday morning. This could unleash travel chaos across the UK as people head to work, amid fears that a drop in temperatures and heavy rain may also spark icy roads.

Mr Schafernaker said that a “significant weather change” will take place on Sunday, as a cold Atlantic weather front causes the temperature to drop below freezing.

Tempertures could plunge past -3C, setting up blizzard conditions for next week. 

The BBC metereologist said that this will coincide with some snowy showers across parts of the UK overnight on Sunday and into Monday morning.

However, the snow will intensify on Tuesday, where significant parts of the UK are expected to be hit by up to eight inches of snowfall.

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Netweather said there was a 41 percent chance of snow in London by Tuesday, while it was a higher 57 percent further north in Manchester.

Schafernaker told viewers: “There is very little change in the weather today. It will be cloudy and gloomy throughout the UK.

“But, the weather is going to change tomorrow. There is this cold weather front moving across the Atlantic, bringing in some strong winds and rain.

“The Atlantic weather front approaches tomorrow morning, bringing rain to Ireland and Scotland.

He continued: “And it is a cold front so the air coming in will be colder. That means the temperatures, particularly in the north, will be lower.

“The temperatures will low enough for some early morning wintry weather.

“Overnight we will get some snow in Northern Ireland and parts if Scotland, as well as Yorkshire and the Pennines.

“Earlier Monday morning is going to be a little wintry across the northern half of the UK.”

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