Soft Cover Stain Removal For Upholstery Sofas


I am publishing these methods as suggestions only and cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects on fabrics. I am merely intending to be helpful and must insist that you consult a professional upholstery cleaner and/or your supplier before carrying out any cleaning process.

(N.B. See Special instructions for printed draylon).

Remove excess spillage as quickly as possible using an absorbent cloth or paper roll.

Method A – Shampoo with a reputable upholstery cleaner

Method B – Sponge the stain with a household dry cleaning fluid, ensuring the room is well ventilated.

Method C – Sponge gently with a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water, leave for ten minutes and then sponge with clean water, soaking up the excess with a dry absorbent cloth.

Stains: Method of Removal

Fruit Juice, Tonic Water… Method A

Vomit… Apply Method A immediately

Ink… Method B then Method A

Chocolate, Tomato Juice… Scrape off excess, then apply Method A

Blood… Sponge with cold water first then apply Method A Animal or Baby Accidents, Beer, Wine & Spirits… Apply Method A if stain has dried, apply Method C before Method A

Tea or Coffee… Method A

Gravy or Milk… Method B then Method A

Shoe Polish, Grease, Oil or Cosmetics… Apply Method B and if necessary Method A.

Chewing Gum… Apply Method B round the edges; leave for half a minute, then lift off with a blunt knife. Repeat until all removed.

Wax… Scrape off excess. Iron at a low temperature over tissue paper to remove remaining wax. Finally apply Method B.

Paint… Scrape off excess, do not allow to dry. Apply turpentine or white spirit. If unsuccessful apply Method B

Varnish… Apply turpentine or white spirit.

Should you encounter any spills please follow your sofa manufacturers guidelines. Cleaning should be undertaken by a professional upholstery cleaning company.

Source by Michael Panagakis


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