4 Good Reasons to Consider Going Green


Imagine utilizing the free resources available to help the environment and to help your economic situation. There are so many things a person can do, simple things, to help the environment that we don’t even think about. Here are a few examples: reduce water usage when taking a shower by wetting down, turning off the water, soaping up and rinsing off. Another way to save on water is to water your lawn in the early morning instead of during the hot afternoon. That way you will use less water.

Other things you can do consciously are turning off the lights in a room when not in use, turn down the water heater thermostat, wash your clothes on a cold setting, after washing your dishes let them air dry and turn the temperature on your thermostat down to 68°. The list of things you can do goes on and on.

Here are 4 good reasons to really consider Going Green.

1 We all need to do our part to help the environment, Mother Earth. The world is changing. We are depleting some of our energy sources and apparently the earth is warming. We do not know yet the long-term effects this will have, however, we must do our part now before it is too late. Every human being on this planet is responsible for doing what he can to help the environment. We are all in this together and we must act together.

2 By taking positive action around your home you will not only be helping the environment but you can drastically reduce your energy bills. Two ways to do this are to build solar panels and wind turbines as alternative energy sources for your home. Do you realize that you can cut your energy costs by up to 100% with alternative energy sources. This may be a bit unrealistic but you can surely reduce your energy by 50% by installing solar panels and wind turbines.

3 It makes sense to utilize the FREE energy sources available to us. I am referring to the sun which always shines somewhere, and the wind which always blows somewhere. Until the sun burns out and the wind stops blowing these are FREE ENERGY SOURCES.

4 Projects like building solar panels and wind turbines for your home, and doing it yourself are fun to do and very cost effective. Do you realize you can build a solar panel for as little as $100 and a wind turbine for around $150. These are great DIY ventures.

So, if you’re reading this article you probably have some interest in learning what you can do. Let us all think positively and act accordingly and do our part to Go Green.

Mike A C

Source by Mike A C


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