Piron Gas Combi Steam Oven Supersedes Your Expectations


Every restaurant needs an oven to bake and cook most of its dishes. In addition, we are living in an age where energy resources especially electricity is running low. When the Electricity Supply Commission decides that it needs to share the electricity load because energy is low, then you need to have an alternative energy source for your oven. That is where the Piron Gas Combi Steam Oven supersedes your expectations.

The Piron Gas Combi Steam Oven has a cooking chamber with rounded corners and removable side racks to ensure maximum hygiene and that also assists with the ease of cleaning. Other features that make this kitchen equipment a great addition to your kitchen is that it has adjustable feet so you can set it to your preferred height. It has a full glass viewing window so that you can see how the food is cooking on the inside without having to open the door and letting the heat escape. It has an air channel for the external glass ventilation that further limits the temperature on the external surface. That means that the heat of the unit on the outside won’t be as hot to the touch.

One of the significant features of the Piron Gas Combi Steam Oven is that you are able to control the temperature of any food that you are baking or cooking. You can do this with the digital timer that allows you to set the preferred cooking time. In addition, to digitally controlling the temperature you can also set the oven to remember up to 99 programs. This will save you time and will ensure that you deliver consistently cooked foods every time. This is essential for any busy restaurant kitchen. It also includes fan speed and steam regulation which further enable you to control the outcome of the food. It is able to achieve regulated temperature by way of the LP gas energy source. It is widely known that gas ovens heat up much quicker than electrical ovens. This is an additional advantage because you save time by not waiting for the oven to heat up.

If you are the chef in a busy kitchen then time and energy are important resources that you cannot afford to waste. The Piron Gas Combi Steam Oven is the ideal catering equipment for restaurants and caterers as it is uses LP gas as an energy source and it is able to cook your foods consistently every time.

Source by Stana Peete


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