Buy Bamboo Plants Because They Are Lucky


When one starts thinking of how to buy bamboo plants, perhaps the first thing to consider is that there are so many to choose from: clumping non-invasive bamboos; running, invasive Bamboos; bamboos for hedges; privacy screening bamboos to name a few.

What area you live in geographically will also have an impact on which bamboo you chose to buy. For instance there are desert hardy bamboos and cold hardy bamboos. How large do you feel you will want to grow the bamboo? Do you want bamboo tree or would you prefer a bamboo bush, how about a clump of eight foot high spears?

You see there is an almost infinite variety for outside bamboo. Let’s talk moment about indoor bamboo and in particular what is known as the lucky bamboo or “ribbon plant”. Named after a German-English gardener named Henry Sander, Dracaena sanderiana are hugely popular indoor plants steeped in mystery and folk lore.

Native to Cameroon in tropical west Africa it grows to five feet tall under the dense cover of forest, as indirect light is what it loves. Fact is direct sunlight can cause the leaves to turn yellow and burn. This one attribute as much as any other makes the bamboo an exceptional house plant.

You can buy bamboo plants that have been grown into interesting shapes by those who have the time, patience and expertise. (I don’t.) To get the cool circular, slash, spiraling effects you have to have the plant turned toward a light source and have both those in relation to gravity.

These little plants grow great in water solutions but they really like soil as well. If you buy bamboo plants as I have, that are pre-potted in water then be kind to your bamboo and change the water every couple of weeks. Oh and don’t put that nasty old chlorinated tap water in there yuk. Use bottled water or filtered water, there now, that is nice.

But how does this plant get the name “Lucky Bamboo”? (and why not Lucky Baboon for that matter, right, I hear ya)well it runs out that this plant is use in the ancient art of feng shui, (fing fooey? no feng shui, come now pay attention).

Feng Shui pronounced Fang Shwe, is an ancient Chinese discipline made up of a body laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy.

Thus, the plants are a means to direct energy flow throughout your home. In fact the number of spears that you have represent various, shall we say “lucky” fortunes or happy emotions. Two stalks mean that you have love, three stalks happiness, wealth and long life, (sounds good so far, BooYaa!)

Five stalks represent the areas of life that represent wealth (e.g., spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and intuitive). Six stalks represent good luck and wealth. Seven stalks represent good health. Eight stalks represent growth. Nine stalks represent great luck. Ten stalks represent perfection. Twenty-one stalks represent a powerful blessing.

Source by John E Aplecede


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