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The Internet has been disruptive in a number of different places and one of the places that has been heavily affected in the sending and receiving of mail. It is anyone’s guess at how much longer the use of mail services for sending printed material is going to last, but it is not too far a stretch of the imagination to see that it will be changed drastically in the future. Documents, including postcards can be transformed to a digital format and transferred electronically. The use of online greeting cards continues to flourish while the transfer of printed material continues to decline.

Online greeting cards can for the most part be sent free, can be delivered much faster, and can include more effects such as sound or moving images. You can customize your card by adding photos, and if you are conscious of the environmental concerns, it can all be completed with a much lower carbon footprint as it does not involve the use of paper. You have the added convenience of sending a greeting card without setting foot in a shop.

There is no inventory of cards that required storage, so suppliers are able to offer online greeting cards at much lower rates than it would cost to physically send a card. You can also have the option to print a card if it is needed. Apart from the monetary savings that can be realized, you have the added convenience of saving both time and energy. Online greeting cards can be fully customized or designed, published and sent to any destination within 10 minutes, while it takes snail mail days or sometimes months to reach a particular destination. You can add your own personality to the card and be as creative as you wish.

Concerns about the Environment:
It takes very little effort to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are consumed on the planet. It is estimated that by reducing the amount of paper that we use, we can save billions of dollars annually. Converting to electronic cards may not seem like much, but small contributions can add up to a large effect.

To make effective use of an online service, you must first know exactly the type of card you wish to send. Not all services offer the same type of cards, and you should try to find one that suits both the occasion. There will be several different categories from which you can choose and the type of cards can also vary from the traditional, to the humorous or whimsical.

There may be some ongoing debate as to whether it can be appropriate to send Ecards in business settings. Your recipient may prefer a printed card, and the online service may provide the option to send printed cards.

After determining the type of card you wish to send, try to find a service that offer the maximum level of customization with an equal amount of privacy. The features that you would desire most when sending online greetings cards are an intuitive easy method of use, with a very large amount of useful features and a wide selection of cards that are easy to customize.

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