What Are the Benefits of Standalone Solar Power Systems?


An increasing number of people are becoming attracted by the possibility of installing standalone electricity generating systems in their homes or on other premises. There is a number of reasons for this, including the key point that many of the sellers of these systems claim that significant savings can be made and that it means that there is no dependence on a national grid for power.

Indeed, there are many benefits to this type of set-up, particularly those that rely on renewable energy sources such as solar energy. This is a natural resource that is abundant in many areas of the world, although obviously this does not work so well in countries that have a low number of daylight hours throughout the year.

It almost goes without saying that perhaps the biggest advantage of this type of system is that it really can result in savings, although this is generally only over the longer term. Many systems will incur initial set-up costs that can be more or less elevated depending on the technology used and the size of the system.

However, if an upfront cost is something you are willing to bear, then standalone solar power systems may well be the way to go; there are very few costs after the initial installation of the equipment when compared to grid power. On the other hand you will need to pay for replacement batteries for your system, as well as maintenance.

Another major advantage of this kind of independent system – especially for those who live in more remote locations – is that this type of installation allows people to live independently from the national energy supply chain.

Whereas being hooked up to grid power means that you are subject to fluctuations in the service, power outages, rising costs and much more, a standalone system means that these will simply not be your problems to deal with. With that said, if your own equipment fails, this is your problem to deal with alone, so prepare yourself for this eventuality.

On a side note there are many individuals who use independent solar power installations as a way of living in areas that are not otherwise connected to power lines. Indeed, if there are no utilities in the area where you wish to live then investing in this kind of system may be your only real option.

One major benefit of a standalone system is that it is a very environmentally friendly solution, and therefore is ideal for those who are interested in building and living in ‘green’ homes. As more and more people become conscious about their power use, it is only natural that they are turning to using renewable sources of energy in their own homes.

Whereas installing solar panels on your roof is one way of complementing your grid electricity supply, standalone solar power systems actually provide the opportunity to go completely green. For those who want to make a difference with their consumption and energy use habits, this solution can be ideal, especially in areas of the world with a large amount of sunshine.

It is also worth noting that many individuals who have this kind of energy system in their property have said that they have been forced to consider their energy usage much more since going ‘off the grid’. As there is no more an unlimited supply of electricity on tap at all times, many find themselves using power more economically and more responsibly in general.

There are many benefits to this type of standalone energy generating system in the home or any other type of premises, including using ‘green’ energy, being completely independent from national grid problems and rising prices, long-term savings and the ability to have a reliable source of power in some of the most remote places.

In all cases, it is best to choose to work with the most reliable solar energy solutions provider so that you invest in a system that can meet the needs of you, your family and your property as much as possible.

Source by Joe Springer


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