Window Shutters – A Stylistic Approach to Protecting Your Home


Window shutters are beneficial because they both protect glass windows, when they are closed, and serve as an added decorative element to the exterior of a home. As glass can often be expensive and time consuming to replace, having a protective barrier in place can help glass windows last a long time. The shutters themselves are relatively easy to install and are generally resistant to weather conditions, so will also survive the test of time.

Many styles and materials are available. Choosing among them is the most difficult part in selecting window shutters, because they are often chosen to complement the design of the exterior facade of the building. Vinyl shutters are weather resistant and do not require any maintenance once installed. Products made with vinyl are available in many different styles which can reflect the ambiance of the building’s design. There are louvered shutters that accentuate the design of a home well, while raised panel shutters are well suited for use in colonial style homes or cottages.

For warmth and a rustic feel, Board n’ Batten shutters are also made of vinyl. They fit in with the design of many New England homes. Closed and open board designs are sold and you can even choose from an arch top design in this series. Whichever design you choose, the products are made to last and when coordinated, will accentuate the overall design of the home.

Wood has always been popular as a building material, and is certainly so for shutters. It is warm and inviting by nature and there are many shutter types that are built using wood. Pine, Redwood, and Western Red Cedar are popular variations that can be found in product catalogs. As for the panel types, there are also louvered, raised panel, and Board n’ Batten shutters made of wood. Combination shutters are also available and can include other kinds of wood, such as cypress and mahogany. These choices greatly extend the possible design choices, and these can all be incorporated into Bahama and Bermuda styles that are popular in coastal and even desert areas.

For an even more durable product, there are composite wood shutters that have a wood composite core that resists water. They are also finished such that they are resistant to any weather condition, moisture, and even birds and insects. The same basic styles are available too, so you can still have the same choice and be guaranteed an even better level of protection from the elements.

Any of these are beneficial for a range of climates. If you live down south, then heat and insects are pretty much a constant force on your window shutters and the windows too. Up north, brutal winters can take their toll, but everywhere, storms are always a possibility. High winds can push on windows and whip up debris which can strike the glass, damage it, and possibly break it. The shutters are designed to fit in with any style of home and all styles offer the same levels of protection.

As easy as it is to buy the shutters, all the hardware you need for self installation is available too. Hinges, bolts, and latches come in different varieties. They enable movement to open and close the units as well as hold them in position.

Window shutters are available for every style of home. Made of durable materials, each style is unique to the individual home but will offer the same protection from the elements and look good at the same time. When the time comes, they will protect the windows, and the home, from the potentially devastating effects of a storm, and survive to do it all over again.

Source by Andy West


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