The Truth About Soy Jar Candles


There so many different kinds of candles out there and all the good ones do very much the same things. They all produce a pleasurable aroma and add a bit of mood lighting. But the devil is in the details, Where did the candles come from? How much will high quality candles cost? Are they bad for the environment? How long will the scent last?

Unlike the all too common paraffin candles, the production of "Soy Jar Candles" actually helps the economy: American farmers benefit when soy is used to make candles. Soy beans are grown and farmed in American fields but real Americans, unlike paraffin which may come from other countries and perhaps even come from regions that aren't too sympathetic to the American situation.

Soy jar candles are definitely some of the best leaders in the industry on cost effectiveness: A soy jar candle can burn up to twice as long (sometimes even more!) Than parafin, giving your candle twice the life, relieving a little pressure on your bank account even in the roughest of times. Do the math, If you want the benefits of a candle lit environment, you might as well get candles that last more than a few evenings.

Trying to live more green? Looking for ways to decrease your carbon foot print? Switching out those old parafin wax candles with Soy jar candles, after all they are better for the environment. Soy jar candles burn cleaner than paraffin candles. Soy jar candle wax does not produce the black soot that paraffin wax does. Therefore helps decrease your carbon footprint, making you more ecofriendly.

The Best Soy Jar Candles produce a most pleasurable aroma that fills the room with a strong, lasting scent this is also known as the "scent throw". Soy jar candles provide you with untainted fragrance. Meaning a powerful aroma with NO SOOT, OR SMOKE. Perfect for your home or office, maybe even both 🙂

Have a fun and save a lot of money and shop safely online 🙂

Source by Jason Estabrook


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