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BBC Weather’s Nick Miller warned of more stormy weather in Europe with destructive winds and heavy snow in places. Storm Dennis will make landfall with the UK on Saturday though Met Office weather warnings are in place from Friday. The fourth named Atlantic storm will not evade Europe where high winds are being forecast.

Mr Miller said: “Return of stormy weather across the north of Europe in the coming days that means strong and destructive winds, heavy rain and heavy snow in places.

“Going into Saturday it will be the UK that will see the heaviest rainfall and winds really starting to pick up.

“These strong winds will surge further east as we go to the rest of the weekend.

“We will also find some unsettled weather towards the southeast, some heavy downpours clearing away from Greece but affecting parts of Turkey.

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“To the north there is a whole lot of rain that will bring flooding in places across the UK.

“On Sunday that weather system will push into Scandinavia, not just rain but some snow.

“Beneath that area of rain things are turning much milder as well.

“Temperatures are well up for this time of year in London and Pairs before they come down a bit in the week ahead.” meteorologists say they don’t expect Dennis to be as severe as Ciara.

But the storm could still have a big impact on structures weakened by Ciara, as well as the flooding the storm caused.

Even before Dennis arrives, a separate fast-moving storm will spread rain and gusty winds from the British Isles to France and Germany on Thursday.

The weather will ease over the course of the second half of next week.

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