Top Ghost Travel Places to Go


When you mention travel, the first thing that enters your mind are the white sand beaches, majestic mountain views or adventure places like the Amazon jungle or the Sahara desert. But have you ever heard of ghost travel packages, haunted travel, horror travel or spooky haunted house? These tour packages are not for the faint of heart cause most of them are for real. Here are some of the best places to go to satisfy one’s thrill seeking nerves.

  • Transylvania, Romania ” Land of the blood sucking vampires.” This is on top of my list because the place and atmosphere alone is enough to send chills down my spine. There you can find the eerie castle of Vlad Tepes, the blood thirsty Romanian prince used as an inspiration by Bram Stoker to fictionalize Count Dracula. Not only that, with the snow capped mountain range coupled with the medieval setting, the howling of wolves and foggy nights, it would be hard to imagine someone walking alone at night. It’s the ultimate ghost travel experience you can find.
  • Next on my list is the famous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts wherein 19 women were sent to the gallows in 1692. It is believed that there are lots of haunted houses there. Haunted travel includes a stroll down the old cemetery and the famous eerie Witch house. Halloween is celebrated with ghost tours and costume balls. It is believed that some of the hanged women are not witches and that’s the reason why they are still there seeking for justice.
  • The streets of London. This capital of England is not all glamor and festive. Experience the dark side of horror travel as you take a stroll down White Chapel, scene of the heinous crimes of Jack the Ripper or some of the old haunted churches and chapels and the famous Tower of London wherein many people including royals were mercilessly executed. It is believed that the spirits are still wandering up to this day.
  • The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a different spooky travel package. The sea is right between Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Miami forming a triangle. Several disappearances were recorded including the vanishing of ships, fighter planes and many more. I wonder if there are tours available in this place unless tour operators are willing to risk the lives of their personnel, equipment and boats.

These are just few of the places preferred by some thrill seeking persons who are not contented with the usual vacation trips. There are actually no shortages of spooky haunted houses, ghost travel, haunted travel or whatever you may call it. The list goes on. There’s no need to go to the places I mentioned. Try spending the night alone in your nearby cemetery and surely you will get some adrenaline rush. And besides, why bother? Who knows you might get your thrill right in your own backyard.

Source by Raul T. Cruz


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