What Type of Fridge or Freezer is Best Suited For You?


At the beginning the major point that should first be emphasized is that it is possible for anyone to find several significant differences between those appliances we call refrigerators and the similar appearing freezers. These said differences should be kept in mind whenever someone wants to choose the best fridge or a superior freezer chest appliance. The refrigerator is able to keep an overall temperature that remains just a few degrees higher than the freezing point for water while the freezer chest models and freezer upright models maintain a temperature that registers below 32 degrees.

There are two types of freezers in the market – the chest type and the upright type. Both perform the basic function of providing for sufficient space to store various foodstuff requiring freezing temperatures such as wild game and meat orders, large quantities of seasonal jams and pickles, and any other food that cannot be accommodated in even the biggest refrigerator.

Which is the best among the two types? Keep in mind that each one has its pros and cons as well as that you have to choose based on many factors including price, features, capacity, energy efficiency and even installation.

Upright Type

Freezer upright models will have price tags that are higher than chest style models. The price of an upright freezer will also be based on the unique features, brand name, and size of the unit. As you add more options to the model the cost will be higher.

For example, if you want to have an automatic defrost feature, you may have to pay as much as $100 more on a unit. Ask the dealer about it as such a feature is not easily evident on the specifications provided.

Despite such price handicap, however, the upright freezer is very popular amongst households for many reasons. For one thing, you can easily organize the various foodstuffs in the freezer because of the adjustable and removable shelves, baskets and bins. Such versatility in storage makes it easier to introduce the concept of first-in, first out in the foodstuffs.

You can also an upright freezer installed easily since it is handled in the same way as the installation of a refrigerator. A freezer upright model also has a footprint much smaller than the carbon footprint belonging to the chest freezer.

Freezer Chest Models

There are some economical benefits of the freezer chest to consider as well. It should be stated that you can use more of the interior space of these appliances because they allow for vertical stacking of stored food. High energy efficiency is also present in a chest style freezer due to the built-in insulation along the freezer walls which will allow food to stay frozen for as long as 72 hours if there is loss of electrical power. Most chest freezers are also considered to be a great deal more durable than comparable upright styles.

It is fairly easy to organize the contents of a standard chest freezer since most models include wire baskets that fit inside the units. The design of a freezer chest also makes it easier to accommodate many odd-shaped food items.

Perhaps the main disadvantages noted with the purchase of a chest freezer are related to energy consumption and overall size. It has a rather large carbon footprint and these appliances are notoriously difficult to fit through hallways and doorways. You must always plan where you are going to place the unit ahead of time since it will remain there most of its life.

How you determine which is the best fridge or best freezer? This depends on your particular taste, preference and needs for these appliances. If you desire easy and organized storage and access then the upright styles of freezers may be best. If larger room to store food products is your main concern then the freezer chest may be your best choice.

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