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SWTOR Crafting is a bit different from the Crafting style of other MMO games. For one, you don’t need to do all the dirty work when your hands should be holding a light saber. It saves you a lot of SWTOR Max Bonus Time time if someone does the production and gathering of raw materials for you while you fight in the PVP or do Quests. In SWTOR Crafting, you are basically relying on your Companions to do the gathering and production of materials for you. You are still required to level up your skills and you will still choose which of the following two creation types, production or gathering, fits your style of play. However, crafting in SWTOR relies a lot on your Companions, their affection towards you and how you manage the missions that your companions takes.

To give you a general idea on how crafting works in this game, the SWTOR Crafting Guide for Newbies below is a good starting point that you can follow:

  • As you progress in the game, you will gain a Starship of your own and a maximum of 5 companions. (You actually have 1 more Race/Class-Specific Ship Droid that also serves as your Companion so you can actually have a maximum of 6). If you are a Republic, you can get your Starship at the end of the storyline for Coruscant. For Imperial players, the end of Dromund Kaas is when you will get your Starship. This part usually happens around level 10-15 for both sides, depending on how many missions you chose to skip and take.
  • Around level 8, you will also get your Companions permanently (you can meet your first Companion as early as level 3, but you will have to let him go until a later time). SWTOR Companions are the most important people that you will ever need if you are to succeed in SWTOR Crafting, so make sure that you treat them well. Because your companions are the ones who are doing the gathering and production of materials for you, you can concentrate more on the other facets of the game.
  • Your Crew / Companions can learn CREW Skills, which are divided into two types: Gathering and Production. Gathering Crew Skills are used for acquiring the raw materials needed for creating items. Production Crew Skills are used for crafting unique items.
  • Gathering missions usually take 5-15 minutes to finish. Producing items usually takes 1-3 minutes. There are many factors that influence the speed of gathering and production, but your Companions’ Affection towards you plays a critical part in speeding up your SWTOR Crafting time. If your Companions love you, they will typically finish their work faster. Of course, higher quality items take a longer time to produce so do not panic if your item production time takes too long. But as a general rule, if you want to speed up your crafting time in SWTOR, you must have a higher affection for the particular Companion that is doing the creation for you.
  • Your Crew members (Companions) have different Stat Bonuses that are unique to each one of them. For example, the Smuggler Companion Risha gets a +15 Bonus to Diplomacy and +1 to Slicing Critical. If you are a SMART player, you would definitely want to send Risha for some Diplomacy Missions to gather Medical Supplies. Critical Chances are also boosted by these stat bonuses so make sure that you choose the Companion with the right set of Stat Crafting Bonuses to do the item creation for you.
  • You can only learn THREE TOTAL CREW SKILLS per character in the game. This determines what kind of player you will turn out to be, so if you want to layout an organized future for your character, you must learn to choose your skills wisely. Although you are allowed a total of 3 SWTOR Crew Skills, you are restricted only to 1 Production Skill. You are not restricted on your Gathering Skills though so if you want to become a Trader and pile up the Credits by learning 3 Gathering Skills, feel free to do so.
  • You need to spend some SWTOR Credits (in-game money) before you can send your crew members on a Mission. The longer the time it takes for your Companion to return, the better chances that he or she will bring back a higher-level item or more Credits for you. When you craft an item, there is a small chance for it to become a critical success. A Crafting Critical Success typically adds an Augmentation Slot on your Gear, where you can place special enhancement items called Augments to improve your character’s stats. Augments can be produced through the Slicing Crew Skill.
  • One last thing, you can also use your Gathering Skills in the actual world map and not only during missions. For example, the Archaeology Gathering Skill allows you to scan your surroundings for crystal deposits that you can gather, the Bioanalysis Gathering Skill gives you the ability to check plants and defeated enemies, etc. The nodes / locations of these materials can be tracked on your Mini-map.

Just a reminder, don’t be confused when I say “this skill uses that skill” or “this skill relies on that skill”. Remember earlier when I told you that you can produce unique items from the raw materials that you acquired from Gathering? When you acquire an item from a Gathering Skill, for example let’s say you gathered a Color Crystal using the Archaeology Skill, you need a specific crafting skill in order to produce or craft a new item from that material. In the case of the Color Crystal, you need skill Artifice because that is the Crew skill that utilizes Color Crystals as raw material. Because of this, both Archaeology (Gathering) and Artifice (Production/Creation) are two interconnected Skills that rely on each other in order to succeed. As much as possible, you want to learn Interconnected Skills for your character because it is easier to do creation and gathering when your Crew skills are interconnected with each other.

The following Crew Skills are to be used for Gathering the materials needed in order to produce specific weapons, armors and items. Although they are used as Mission Skills for your Crew/Companions, Gathering Skills can also be used in the world map in order to gather items real-time. Let this Crafting Secrets and Noobs Guide fill you in!

Archaeology (Gathering Skill)

  • When used in missions, Archaeology allows you to gather Artifact Fragments, Color Crystal and Power Crystals which are necessary for creating Force-based armors and weapons.
  • When used in the World Map, this skill allows you to scan crystal formations.
  • Power Crystals and Artifact Fragments are used in the Production Skills Synthweaving and Artifice.
  • Color Crystals are used for Artifice.

Bioanalysis (Gathering Skill)

  • When used in missions, Bioanalysis allows you to acquire Biochemical Samples and Biochemical Compounds.
  • When used in the World Map, this skill allows you to scan the body of defeated enemies and plants.
  • Both Biochemical Samples and Compounds are used in the Production Skill

Biochem Diplomacy (Mission Skill)

  • When used in missions, Diplomacy will let you gather Medical Supplies.
  • In some specific missions, Diplomacy has the ability to give you bonus Light or Dark Points (For Example, Mission “Knows Too Much”) Diplomacy can also produce materials to create Rare Light Armors and gift for your Companions to raise their Affection towards you
  • Medical Supplies are used in the Production Skill

Biochem Investigation (Mission Skill)

  • When used in missions, Investigation allows you to gather Researched Compounds.
  • Investigation has the unique capability to Unlock New Missions and also create “Schematics” (Recipes) that can be sold or traded.
  • Researched Compounds are used in the Production Skill Armtech that allows you to craft weapons

Scavenging (Gathering Skill)

  • When used in missions, Scavenging allows you to acquire Scavenged Compounds and Scavenged Metals
  • When used in the World Map, this skill allows you to gather nearby scrap items and metals
  • Both Scavenged Compound and Scavenged Metals are used in the Production Skill Cybertech, Armstech and Armortech, which allows you to produce enhancements, weapons and armors.

Slicing (Gathering Skill)

  • When used in missions, Slicing allows you to gain profit by bringing back more Credit to you after the mission. (For example, if you spent 100 credits to start a Slicing Mission, you will get more than 100 credits in return from Slicing Safes, Acquiring Rare Equipments, etc). It is therefore a good way to stack profits and Credits consistently.
  • When used in the World Map, Slicing also allows you to open new aspects and instances within the game (For example, open a new path by picking a lock)
  • Slicing has the unique ability to produce Lockboxes and Cases, which can contain rare items in the game.
  • It is also the only way to acquire Augments, which can be used in Augmentation Slots of your gears. (Note, Augmentation slots are results only of a “Critical Success” when you craft a gear. So better let a Companion with a high Critical Chance for the Specific Item that you are producing do the crafting for you if you want Augmentations Slots to appear in your crafted items)

Treasure Hunting (Mission Skill)

  • When used in missions, Treasure Hunting allows you to gather Gemstones.
  • Not only that, it can also increase your profits pretty much the same way as Slicing does (For example, spending 200 Credits for a Treasure Hunting Mission can give you 300 credits in return)
  • Gemstones are used in the Production Skill Artifice which allows you to craft Force-based Weapons

Underworld Trading (Mission Skill)

  • When used as a Mission Skill. Underworld Trading allows you to gather Luxury Fabric and Underworld Metal.
  • Luxury Fabric is used in Synthweaving to produce Light Armor.
  • Underworld Metal is used in Synthweaving to produce Medium and Heavy Armors Underworld Metal can also be used in Armortech and Cybertech. Pretty useful item.

The following Crafting and Production skills are needed in order to craft and create unique items in the game. You are only allowed to learn ONE Production Skill, so choose your path wisely. It all depends on what is in demand in your server population though, so you might have to choose depending on what items are popular if you want to gain the biggest profits. Just something that you might want to remember though. Before you sleep at night (or leave the game, for that matter) queue some creation tasks for your Companions so that you can collect the finished items once you log back into the game. This saves your Companion a lot of time that you can spend on doing other things such as Gathering. With that, let us start the SWTOR Crafting Guide!


  • Creates armor for Bounty Hunter/Trooper class and Smuggler/Imperial Agent Class.
  • Creates Medium and Heavy Armor with additional stats for non-Force users Relies on Underworld Trading and Scavenging for raw materials


  • Creates weapons for Bounty Hunter/Trooper class and Smuggler/Imperial Agent Class.
  • Creates Blaster Barrels which are used for weapon enhancements and upgrades. Can also create weapons for Jedi Knights (Vibroblades with +Strength) and Consular Classes (Electrostaves with +Willpower).
  • HINT: Although you wouldn’t want to use these weapons for your main character, you might want to utilize Armstech for your Companions who are not able to wield items such as Light Sabers, etc). It is quite difficult to acquire good stat weapons that you can equip to your Companion because they have limited wielding ability. To get around this, you can utilize Armstech to solve the problems regarding Companion weapon rare drops
  • Relies on Investigation and Scavenging for raw materials


  • Creates a variety of upgrades that can be utilized by Sith Warriors/Jedi Knights and Sith Inquisitors/Jedi Consulars
  • Creates Relics
  • Creates Color Crystals which are used to improve Critical Rating and Endurance.
  • Color Crystals can also change the base color of your weapons.
  • Relies on Archaeology and Treasure Hunting


  1. Creates Consumables which can restore health and increase your Stats for a limited time.
  2. (Stim gives a moderate Primary Stat bonus boost for 1-2 hours, Adrenals give a large Secondary Stat boost for 15 seconds, Medpacs restores health and Med Units heal yourself and your Companion as well)
  3. Creates Implants – Relies on Bioanalysis and Diplomacy for raw materials.


  • Can create Armoring for all kinds of armors, Cores/Parts/Motors for Droid Improvement, Mod for armor/weapon enhancements and upgrades for your Starship.
  • Can create a bunch of helpful items such as Transport Beacons (Teleport) and Bombs that can have several status effects such as Slow, Stun, Movement Reduction, Damage Over Time (DOT), etc.
  • Creates BoP (Bind on Pickup) Mounts such as Custom Hoverbike and Hotrigged Speederbikes.
  • Relies on Scavenging and Underworld Training


  • Creates Light, Medium and Heavy Armors for Force-based users.
  • Relies on Archaeology and Underworld Trading
  • Special Thing to Note: Reverse Engineering

When you learn a Production Skill, it automatically grants you the ability to Reverse Engineer the item you are producing. For example, if you chose to learn Artifice, you will able to break down Light Sabers to study their recipes and components. You will get SOME of the materials used to create the item that you Reverse-Engineered, and you will also have the chance to learn better recipes through experience. The more that you try to Reverse-Engineer an item, the better chance that you have to discover an upgraded recipe for that specific item. This will allow you to create Purple-based items just from consistently reverse-engineering the recipes of Green-based items.

These are the just basic things to know about crafting in Star Wars The Old Republic and with this SWTOR Crafting Guide, you will surely understand how creation and production in SWTOR works. By learning how to craft and gather rare, high-quality items, you will surely increase your profits while also improving your own gears.

Techniques and strategies on what Crew Skills you should learn depend solely on your gameplay and your server’s population. Knowing what is popular in your server’s population will give you an edge and huge profits if you are able to gather and produce rare items that your server seeks. However, there are sure ways on how you can really increase your profits multiple just by following a specific plan regarding your choice of Crew Skills.

If you want to know how people are building millions of SWTOR credits instantly, you should follow a tried-and-tested strategy that works!

Source by Dino Royo


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