The Testing of Abraham – A Fun Bible Review of Genesis 22, 1-18 For Kids


At some point or other all of us have taken a test. Tests can be palm-sweating experiences. Can you even begin to imagine how Abraham felt when he was tested by God to sacrifice His only son, Isaac? Praise be to God that Abraham passed with flying colors. Now, why don’t you test your kids’ knowledge of this great story with this following form of Bible review.

Here’s what you do:

I have taken the story of Abraham’s test and divided Genesis 22:1-18 into groups of Bible verses with which you will quiz your kids. Read the portion of Scripture I have listed then present your class with a list of the four items I have written next to each portion of Scripture. You can either list these items as written words or you can gather pictures of each of the item. (I personally do the latter. Kids love visuals!) As you read the list, you will notice of course, that one of the items does not belong. It is up to the kids in your class to guess which item should not be on the list after listening to Bible verses.

To create this Bible review time into a game, simply divide your class into 2 teams. Let each team take a turn at guessing which item does not belong. Award the team with 100 points if they do so correctly. I’ve also included a bonus question for each portion of Scripture that you can give the team if they answer the correct item within a given amount of time, such as 15 or 30 seconds. If they answer the bonus question correctly, give the team another 100 points.

Here are your Bible review questions:

1. Read Genesis 22: 1-2. List: Abraham, Isaac, mountain, fire

Bonus Question: What was the name of Abraham’s son? Answer: Isaac

2. Read Genesis 22: 3. List: Abraham, donkey, wood, 2 daughters

Bonus Question: What did Abraham take 2 of? Answer: 2 servants

3. Read Genesis 22: 4-5. List: Abraham, Isaac, 2 servants, fire

Bonus Question: What did Abraham want the servants to stay with? Answer: the donkey

4. Read Genesis 22: 6. List: wood, fire, knife, canteen

Bonus Question: What did Abraham place on top of Isaac? Answer: wood

5. Read Genesis 22: 6b-7. List: wood, Isaac, fire, donkey

Bonus Question: According to Isaac, what animal was missing for the burnt offering? Answer: the lamb

6. Read Genesis 22: 8. List: God, lamb, Isaac, chicken

Bonus Question: Whom did Abraham say would provide the lamb? Answer: God

7. Read Genesis 22: 9. List: Abraham, altar, wood, water

Bonus Question: What did Abraham build? Answer: an altar

8. Read Genesis 22: 9b. List: altar, Isaac, wood, matches

Bonus Question: Whom did Abraham bind or tie up? Answer: Isaac

9. Read Genesis 22: 10-12. List: knife, angel, hand, daughter

Bonus Question: Who called out to Abraham and stopped him from sacrificing Isaac? Answer: God

10.Read Genesis 22: 13. List: Abraham, his son Isaac, ram, chicken

Bonus Question: What did Abraham sacrifice instead of his son Isaac? Answer: a ram

11.Read Genesis 22: 14. List: Abraham, Lord, mountain, desert

Bonus Question: What name did Abraham give to the place where he almost sacrificed Isaac? Answer: “the Lord will provide”

12.Read Genesis 22: 15-17a. List: stars, sand, angel, Bethlehem

Bonus Question: What is it that God would make as numerous as the stars in the sky? Answer: his descendants

13.Read Genesis 22: 17b-18. List: cities, nations, descendants, farms

Bonus Question: Why did God bless Abraham? Answer: He obeyed God

Just a couple tips –

1. This Bible review is based on the NIV translation, however, other translations would coincide just as well. Just make sure you make any necessary changes to fit your version of the Bible before playing the game.

2. Don’t forget to scramble up the list of items. I’ve always listed the last item as the one that does not belong. Have fun!

Source by Kathy Vincent


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