How to Buy Solar Security Lights


Keeping your outdoor space safe to walk around in at night is a priority for many, especially elderly people or those with irregular shift patterns that can find themselves arriving home at all hours of the day or night. Solar outdoor lighting is one way to make sure that your safety needs are taken care of, without all the hassle of installing a mains-powered light.

Choosing the right type of solar outdoor lighting for security purposes, however, can be tricky, as it is hard to know whether or not a product you buy really will be sufficient for your needs based only on some confusing technical specifications and possibly customer reviews of a product posted on the retailer's website.

With that in mind, here are some things that you should look out for when purchasing a solar security light, upping the chances of finding one that will fully meet your needs and provide you with a safe and pleasant outdoor space.

Firstly, it s worth considering that in the case of a light that is mostly going to be used for the purpose of keeping you safe outside, it is best to invest in quality. This does not mean completely blowing your budget, but instead taking your time to explore your options – there are plenty of great models at a medium price point that will suit your needs perfectly.

When shopping around, look for a light that offers a significant amount of brightness for your needs – if in doubt, choose an item that offers as many lumens of light as possible to ensure that your outdoor space is well lit up and that you see clearly even when it's otherwise pitch black outside.

A good standard to aim for is around 96 lumens for your solar outdoor lighting, which will provide a bright enough light for most purposes. Your security lamps should also come with a high quality motion detector to make sure that it comes on at just the right time.

Other important specifications to consider include how long the light stays activated after it has been triggered by the motion sensor. One issue that can commonly arise with lower quality items is that the light switches off rapidly, or that it is hard to keep the lamp illuminated without a great deal of exaggerated movement.

In general, aim for a light that stays on for around 30 seconds after the last movement has been detected; this will help you find your house key and fit it in the lock without everything tuning pitch black all around you. Lights should also stay activated for as long as movement is detected.

Look for solar outdoor lighting that last even throughout the darker winter months too – this is especially important in the UK, which due to its geographical location, does not benefit from a great deal of sunlight throughout the year.

High quality lights will offer adequate performance on a year round basis, but only if they are south-facing in order to make the most of the sun. Check with the manufacturer in all cases to discover if the model you are buying can be relied upon even in the darkest seasons.

Finally, choose solar outdoor lighting that has a high level of detection, even from a great distance away. This is very important if you have a long garden path to travel down, or a large yard that you need to work in after dark. This gives you extra safety and security where other products may fail.

All in all, thoroughly check the specifications of your security solar outdoor lighting before you purchase; the light should not only be powerful enough in terms of lumens, but be able to easily detect you, stay illuminated for a reasonable amount of time and also offer great performance throughout the dullest months of the year.

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