The Benefits of Anvil Gas Stoves and Ovens for the Commercial Kitchen


Over recent years we have been subject to decreasing energy resources. One of these resources is electricity which is becoming scarce. As a result, load shedding has been implemented to spread the electricity fairly amongst households and businesses. This does mean, however, that at certain times you may not have any electricity for a few hours. For a business, such a restaurant, this can have devastating effects on daily sales. Using gas as an alternative energy source could help your business to continue running during power outages. Therefore, it may be a good idea for a commercial kitchen to invest in gas stoves and ovens.

Anvil gas stoves and ovens are specifically manufactured for the commercial kitchen and have many benefits. Here are some of the benefits.

Anvil’s gas stoves and ovens are ideal for restaurants and catering establishments that do not want to rely solely on electricity as a source of energy. With gas, you can continue cooking and baking even when power outages occur and keep your customers’ orders going.

Anvil’s gas stoves have a robust stainless steel construction with a heavy duty door and hinges. They are built tough in order to cope with the daily demands of a busy industrial kitchen and can withstand the constant bustle of a busy kitchen.

For convenient cleaning, the cast iron grates and the powerful stove top burners are easily removable. In addition, the removable drip tray which is beneath the stove top aids with retaining spills. So if any liquid, fat or oil drips on the stove, you can slide the drip tray out and wash it separately.

These gas ovens are thermostatically controlled and take full gastronorm pans. They are also fitted with chrome plated steel wire shelves. These will withstand heat and remain intact even at high temperatures.

Safety is a number one concern for Anvil. Their gas stoves and ovens are LPG safety association approved. Plus they are suitable for both LP and natural gas sources. It is recommended that you use a licensed technician to tend to the conversion of the gas source.

Anvil’s gas stoves and ovens have many benefits for the commercial kitchen which include safety, reliability, durability and cost saving. Furthermore, with gas appliances you don’t have to sit in the dark when a power outage hits your business. Thus it is worth considering it when you prepare your list of catering equipment for your restaurant or catering business.

Source by Stana Peete


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