Green Initiatives Abound in the World of Beer


Going green has become something of a catchphrase. You'll find new green initiatives everywhere these days, from energy companies to ISPs and more. The solar and wind generation industries are growing by leaps and bounds, and more companies are looking at ways to reduce their harmful emissions into the environment around them. There are even several such initiatives in the world of beer. These don't involve generating energy from sustainable methods (there are several of those, too), but in benefiting the natural world.

MillerCoors is one company that is setting their sights on creating a healthier world and providing benefits to creatures that share this planet with us. How, exactly, is this monolithic brewing conglomerate being kind to the environment? They're feeding the fish.

In essence, MillerCoors is working on providing a renewable source of raw ingredients to create fish food, in a joint venture with an animal food company. Using wastewater from the brewing process, MillerCoors is able to achieve several things. First, the company is able to help relieve stress on fish populations suffering from limited and declining food supplies. Second, they are able to recycle and reuse brewery waste, without harming the environment. It's a pretty innovative program, actually, and has enormous potential.

There's another beer brewer out there with plans to help the environment. Who can forget the Gulf oil spill of 2010? It made headlines around the world and damaged ecosystems from Mexico to Florida to the Caribbean. That harm is still ongoing, though the world's news agencies seem to have forgotten about it entirely, now that there are more interesting things afoot. However, Abita Brewing Company has not.

In fact, the company made a $ 50,000 donation to the Friends of the Fishermen fund, and there is more on the way. Abita has started their SOS Charitable Fund, which is designed to help with "restoration and recovery after the disastrous oil spill." Abita is currently donating $ .75 from every bottle of their Charitable Pilsner called SOS (Save Our Shores) sold to help clean up the Gulf, restore its natural beauty, benefit the plants and animals in the area and even help area residents get on with their lives in the wake of this horrible disaster. So far, the fund has raised more than $ 250,000 to help with relief. The company is proud to do their part to help their state and the area in general with recovery.

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