Solar Cell Home: An Alternative


The earth’s population is on the rise but the earth is not getting bigger. Its natural resources like fossil fuel like coat and oil are limited resources and soon enough they will be depleted as population numbers rise. Electricity is one commodity that we cannot do without. We need electricity to power our factories, offices and homes. Given the situation of depleted sources and high need, people are looking for alternative sources of energy to generate electricity. One such alternative is building a solar cell home.

The sun, which ancient people acknowledge as the source of life, is one huge energy source. The sun rays emitted are free to harness and given that most days are sunny and bright, such energy can be harvested and stored to power a solar cell home.

Solar panels installed on top of the roof can be seen in homes that are already utilizing this type of energy. The solar cells are made in such a way that they are parallel to one another which allows optimum capture of the sun’s energy. This is then relayed to electricity converters to generated voltage needed to power up a solar cell home. Some have batteries which store the energy in the event that the sun is blocked especially during storm season. Innovations in this field of technology are also making possible for small scale industries to use thereby cutting energy costs and other incidental expenses.

Germany, Denmark and Norway are countries that have spearheaded using solar energy for homes. These countries are encouraging contractors and builders to make solar cell homes especially that people are getting more and more conscious of ‘green’ living.

In Friedrich, Germany, there is a 5,000 population village that depends on the sun’s energy for their electricity needs. Solar panels are already integrated into homes. Other cities are following already with Mumbai, India, announcing that they are joining the trend in eco-friendly living.

With the success of solar cell homes, a lot of industries are now looking at the same solution. For industrial needs, the requirements may be a lot more than that of home use. However, such industries are willing to invest for the long term benefits. This solution is environmentally safe. With pollution rising in some parts of the world, a solar-based energy source is the best solution.

Government encouragement and incentives would stir the interest of home builders to integrate the solar energy harvesting solutions. This is one direction that would be most favorable to the home owners especially if energy costs are high within a certain area.

Advocates of ‘green’ living and eco-friendly communities should build more solar cell homes to prevent further damage to the earth. It is high time to stop digging for fossil fuel and harm the environment further.

One reason why people don’t want to build a solar cell home is on the cost of the solar panels and other peripherals needed. Once cost of building becomes affordable then we will see more and more homes running on solar energy.

Source by Charles Deckard


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