Safe Places in 2012 – Where Will it Be Safe to Live If 2012 Doomsday Happens?


With the release of the new movie the idea of a 2012 doomsday is becoming more & more legitimate in many peoples minds. Find out today what the safe places in 2012 will be and where you should be living in 2012 if indeed the predictions come true! First though lets look at where you don’t want to be!

Avoiding the Apocalypse!

It’s no surprise that when the idea of doomsday comes up the first thing most people think about are where the safe places to hide will be. The unfortunate truth is that no one can say for sure, however there is some information around that gives us the best estimate of where you will not want to be.

USA/Canada: Unfortunately there is a great deal of conflicting information regarding this area of the world. Edgar Cayce did suggest Virginia as being a safe haven, however a great deal of information now suggests should a polar shift occur north America will become the new north pole! With even Florida sitting on the cusp of the new arctic circle. Not to mention the super-volcano sitting under Yellowstone which would likely go off and destroy a majority of the continent, and make the air un-breathable.

If this wasn’t bad enough the amount of nuclear power plants that will like melt down will be phenomenal and create a total nuclear Armageddon! Again USA & Canada have a great deal of these power plants and this again creates another reason not to stick around here.

Europe: Even worse than USA/Canada is the amount of nuclear power plants in Europe. Should catastrophic natural disasters occur this is in fact the worst place in the world to be!

Australia: Unfortunately the 2km high tidal waves will wipe out the majority of the population (as the majority live on the exterior of the continent). Inland is questionable at this point. In addition to which it’s believed that if a pole shift happens Australia will be the new south pole as well!

Safe Places:

It’s believed that mountains will be the only safe places should 2012 doomsday occur. With all the possibilities it’s impossible to say where for sure, but with the above 3 out it’s believed that mountainous areas of Africa, particularly around Morocco and the highlands of Ethiopia will have the best chances. Highlands would be safe if it were not for the nuclear fallout which would likely occur, the same goes for various other mountainous regions of Europe. Mountains in China that are inland and far enough away from any nuclear reactors would also be better than most other places.

Source by Jennifer L. Andrews


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