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KI is not confined to specialized fields such as Oriental medicine, but the whole oriental view of life is based on seeing all of life as ki.

When we consider the human being as a manifestation of ki we can distinguish several stages of ki energy on him

KEK KI (Kek stands for Ketsu or blood) It is our most fundamental ki because it constantly nourishes de body

SHIO-KE salt ki or ki of minerals

MIZU-JE that's the water ki or ki of liquids

DEN KI that literally means "ki of thunder" is the ki of the electricity that runs constantly through our bodies

JI KI that can be translated as the "gathering force" the "attracting power" or the "magnetism"

REI KI that's the ki of the spirit or "the invisible force of the soul"

All these stages of Ki come from SHIN KI or God-ki (the source).

Rei Ki (the ying yang) is born out of Shin Ki, and between ying and yang, Ji Ki (magnetism) arises, and next appears the vibration in the form of electricity (Den Ki) is produced. Then atmosphere water and minerals are formed. We take all these different kinds of energy in the form of food, and transforms them into Kek-ki or blood, that nourishes our body.


Our bodies receive Ki from two different sources:

Ying Ki Energy that comes from the outside world. These energies come from cosmic rays, sun rays, moon rays, humidity, temperature, sound waves, people radiations, etc.

Ying is the centrifugal and expanding force of the Universe. It attracts Yand and it repels Ying.

Yang Ki Energy that comes into our bodies from liquid and solid foods, that are then transformed into blood. The Yang ki feeds organs and tissues and determine their quality.

Yang is the centripetal force of the Universe. It attracts Ying and it repels Yang.

The interaction of these two energies enables our body to function. Both of them are continuously changing into each other: when Yang reaches its extreme, it changes into Ying and vice versa.

Ki es then the activity, the movement, the energy of vibration generated between the Ying and Yang poles.


It activates and charges our organs. The intensity and quality of the Ying Ki that we receive depends on our Yang Ki.

If we do not move (yang) our body, our Yang Ki looses its yang properties and no longer attracts the Ying ki. Similarly if we constantly over eat, the Yang Ki becomes stagnant and we can't be charged actively by the Ying ki. We might have a good blood quality but over eating and not moving our organs will be charged with a minimal charge.

On the other hand, if we eat very yang food in small amounts we become so charged of Ying ki, that we start to act wild, we shout, we become anger, etc.

As a symptomatic remedy, adjusting Ying Ki by the means of acupuncture can only work in the short term. But for a long term healing, the Yang ki must be normalized.


The japanese word for "human being" is HITO. Hi means sun, and To means spirit or ghost. In other words for the japanese we are "fire ghosts" because they consider that the human body is nothing else than very dense energy, that has the characteristic of continuously create a temperature that's different from its surroundings.

We know now that this "fire mass" is created by millons of cells that have seven main central heting furnaces named The Chakras. And this "fire mass" can only continue to exist if fuel is added from time to time, and our fuel is our food and drink, plus air.

At the moment of deciding what kind of fuel we will use we have several options.

Quick burning fuel that creates a stronger temperature for a short period, or slow burning fuel as the polysaccharides. Slow burning fuel is superior is superior for many reasons and one of them is that one does not need to eat very frequently when consuming slow burning fuel.

We can choose a fuel that needs to be suplied in large amounts (like meat), or fuel that only needs to be suplied in small amounts

We can choose fuel that can be stored easily or which decays rapidly. In ancient times that was not even a choice because as they did had refrigerators, they had to choose foods which tend to decay slowly when stored for large periods.

We can also choose fuel that leaves residues after being burned (like oil does), or the ones that burn cleanly and completely not producing residues

We must remember that we have seven chakras ant that each one of them needs a different kind of fuel, and if we consume refined foods we will only feed some of them.

And which are the wholesome foods which can be easily stored and which burn slowly, which are sufficient in small amounts, and burn without leaving much residues to give us the healing ki energy? The staple foods of the macrobiotic diet: whole grain, whole vegetables, whole beans and whoe sea vegetables (which has being the diet of most of the human being through world history).

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

Source by Roberto Bonomi


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