Getting All Hot and Bothered – With Satvik Energy Healing


For years, New Age therapists have yammered on about the body’s electromagnetic field, and how important it is to maintain an energy flow around your body that is not obstructed or out of balance. Many point to the ancient Chinese Masters, who they believe recognized the necessity of having a free-flowing energy system to retain good health.

When this electromagnetic field is blocked, they say, chaos in the body can ensue. This happens when the everyday stress we encounter creates specific “patterns” in our body which obstruct it. People whose basic life force energy is blocked, they maintain, can suffer not only physically, but spiritually and mentally as well.

One way to unblock it, they say, is through Satvik Energy Healing, which aims to concentrate on the causes of illness, not the symptoms. The word Satvik comes from the Sanskrit and means “perfect balance”. Using this therapy will not only unblock the energy flow within the body and let it waft unencumbered, it’s claimed, but will also strengthen the immune system and trigger the body’s natural healing process to work better and maintain the correction in future.

In fact, Satvik Energy Healing is not only worthwhile for people who are feeling a bit off-kilter, but can also be beneficial for those who have suffered an accident, undergone relatively recent surgery or are going through a difficult emotional patch, proponents say. They believe it can also help with certain medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, irritable bowl syndrome, arthritis, migraine, asthma and eczema.

Or can it?

Typical Treatment

If you have the chance to actually watch a Satvik Energy Healing session take place, do it. It appears to be perhaps the most bogus, or at least one of the most bogus “therapies” that has come to light in recent years. Saying that, it is not that far removed from its more widely known and infinitely more respected cousin, Reiki.

With Satvik Therapy, a patient will have a brief chat with the therapist and tell him or her all about himself, including a detailed medical history as well as an outline of their current state of mind. Remaining fully clothed at all times, the client will then be asked to stand up, lie down or sit, depending on which part of the body is to be concentrated on at the time.

The therapist will then assess the strength of the energy flowing around the person, as well as the patterns the energy will make. They will encourage the energy to flow better by what appears to be a series of quite humorous hand waving, gesticulation and often quite active arm movement. In theory, while this takes place the patient will feel specific sensations – both warm and cold – meaning that a balance correction is occurring.

“During the treatment clients may have a variety of feelings such as hot or cold, tingling and pulling sensations,” the Inspirational Friends website writes. “This is a sign that an energy release and realignment is taking place.”

Satvik Therapist Training

You may wonder how a Satvik Energy therapist is trained to perform such a remarkable undertaking. Ian Dale, Satvik Energy Sound Healer, explains all on his own website. “The ability to sense and work with energy fields is a natural ability that we all possess. In order to access this ability, Satvik Therapists are taught and commit to doing specific exercises and meditations on a daily basis,” he writes.

“Over a period of time, the therapist ís sensitivity to energy increases and eventually they are able to feel not only their own energy field but those of other people as well.” He recommends that patients who undergo a treatment of four sessions will feel the results for six weeks, during which time repeat treatments are not needed. He adds that animals respond well to Satvik Energy Healing too. “Great success has been achieved with horses, dogs and cats”, he writes, even conditions that failed to respond to conventional treatment. He gives discounts to children and animals.

Therapists are also trained to open their heart centers and allow “love to flow” to enable a “profound energetic exchange to occur between the therapist and the client.”, according to The Satvik Training School in Somerset, UK. Therapists undergoing training are encouraged to release and process their own emotional blockages, and to understand the “silent emotional interaction” that takes place between therapist and client. They are also taught that no two clients are the same, and that no two therapists work in exactly the same way either.

Is It a Scam?

Satvik Energy Healing may or may not work for you, but it is a completely non-invasive type of therapy that cannot harm, as long as it is not done in place of conventional medicine, but alongside it. Whether you will get anything out of it depends on your own constitution, natural level of skepticism and wallet, as well as your state of mind actually receiving the treatment.

There is no doubt that some people will benefit from paying hundreds of dollars to undergo a series of Satvik Energy treatments. Many individuals benefit from different types of caring, loving therapies that concentrate on the individual as a whole, and makes him or her feel special and singled out for positive attention.

“The therapy sessions were comfortable and relaxing and I felt reassured by Sue’s kind and insightful treatment. I felt the therapy has restored much physical and emotional energy and has given me the impetus to begin to care for myself in a positive way,” says patient Cheryl, writing on the website.

“Meeting Sally and receiving Satvick [sic] energy treatment from her has changed my whole mental, physical and emotional being. I felt in a safe place within her caring energy treatment. I felt like I’d been wrapped in a cloud, secure and loved. I came away feeling elated and exhilarated from her treatment and highly recommend it to every one,” writes a woman identified only as Maggie.

Who knows – it may work for you! Then again, it may not…

Source by S Matthews


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