Why Buy A Custom Green Home?


“Going green” has become the viral phrase these days. You see commercials for it on primetime television, entire shows on cable networks, and billboards on every corner. It’s fascinating that we are able to make such a great concept widespread and popular. If you haven’t heard the phrase “going green” or don’t really know what it means, understand that it is a means of actively altering your lifestyle to reduce your consumption of energy and resources. What’s the ultimate goal? The goal is to allocate those resources for posterity, and to reduce the already existing pollution.

Recently, this phenomenon has extended to our homes, in all manner of aspects. “Green” homes sell faster than non-green homes. Though they may cost more, this is generally because they are custom-built. However, the savings you earn over the course of your ownership far make up for the increased cost of the home. There are many benefits to be derived from green homes, and many reasons why people buy them.

The first, and most obvious reason, is to lower the money spent on energy bills. Energy costs are rising steadily, and won’t be declining any time soon. Many think of the purchase of a “green home” as an investment for the future, as well as a way to save money now. As a by-product, you also end up utilizing less energy. Again, the motive for everyone is different. Some people want to decrease their carbon footprint, some want to save money, and some want to do a combination of both. Green homes save you money in various ways. Primarily, the majority of the energy-saving comes from properly installed and high-quality insulation. Following that, these homes usually have Energy Star rated appliances. Add to that, double pane windows and high-end doors and you’ve got smaller electric bills.

Others opt for the green route because of their health. Typically, because of the equipment and custom design of the HVAC system, green homes have better indoor air. This decreases the amounts of pollen, pollutants, fungus, etc. that are circulating through your home. Suffice it to say that this aids anyone who has difficulty breathing, allergies, and literally everyone in general. Breathing in fungus and mold is not a picnic!

Lastly, green homes are truly an investment. Due to the construction quality, because the home is generally custom-built, these homes will have less maintenance. The equipment is also built to be more efficient, so these homes will experience fewer repairs in that area as well.

Source by Ginger K. Heise


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