Meet a Sweet Italian Cheese


The love for cheese, that is what you have. And you have been so in love with cheese that not a day will pass by without you eating some cheese. You do have your own cheese favorites but yet you have not closed your heart on those. In fact, you love discovering new types of cheese and you are so adventurous that you want to try all the different types of cheese in the world. You find this food to be so endearing to your taste buds that you even use it as dessert.

If you are this type of person, then there is a type of cheese that you should try for yourself. This is known as San Pietro. San Pietro is made in the Veneto region in Italy. It is made from cow’s milk that has been aged. Those who have tried it out say that it can be compared to a cheese that has the flavors of Parmigiano-Reggiano and of Piave. If you have tasted the two types of cheese, then you more or less know what the taste of San Pietro is. See, this Italian cheese even comes with the kind of sweet flavor that Piave has. Piave, of course, as you all know, also comes from Italy’s Veneto area. As for the Parmigiano-Reggiano, San Pietro gets the crumbly part and the scent that would remind you of orange peels.

So how do you find this San Pietro? Well, see, if you are already in Italy, you may want to start looking for Latteria Perenzin. It is actually a dairy that is small. It is run by a family and has been in the business for several generations already. With that, you will know that this dairy product has been tested and has been made to be what it is with the trials and triumphs of the years.

What you will definitely love about the San Pietro is that it is not your usual kind of cheese and it sure will be one that you will be looking for every time. It can be used in and with various types of food. It is also natural that you can light some natural candles to make the whole experience even more organic. Natural wax candles will make your cheese dining experience really romantic especially if you are with a loved one. You sure may be heading towards Italy now to look for San Pietro.

Source by Krystal Bennion


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