AirZone Ozone Generators Review and Numbers Analysis


AirZone Inc is a company out of Suffolk, VA that distributes ozone generators. They offer 11 different sized ozone generator models for a variety of residential and commercial applications with ozone outputs ranging from 120 mg/hr to 28,000 mg/hr. The difficulty in comparing ozone generator companies is that they often use different standards for measuring the ozone output. For example, some will measure the ozone output in a vacuum of unpolluted air while others with measure it based on average indoor pollution levels. This means that some of the ozone can break down before they get to measure it. This of course impacts the square foot coverage estimates provided. Also keep in mind that the idea of a square foot measurement for ozone is based on a dilution level in the air that allows people to be present in the environment without harm. These sizing estimates can also change based on the level of pollution in the air.

AirZone ozone generators range in cost from 0.62 to 5.9 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. They cost between $283.79 and $6935.89 over 10 years to operate. Some of these systems are great for removing odors in a room or a house while other models are extremely powerful and designed for toxic commercial applications. You do not need more than 800 mg/hr of output if you are looking to use the generator in your home.

An ozone generator is a tool for a very specific purpose. You can use these AirZone systems to target mold, mildew, smoke odors, and paint odors. But ozone does not remove particles from the air. For the ozone to remove biological contaminants, it needs to have concentrations in the air so high that people cannot be present while it is operating. On low levels, you can use it to effectively remove odors.

The best AirZone model for all around use is the AirZone XT-800. It gives you the adjustable flexibility to safely use in smaller environments. But it also gives you the power to target concentrated areas of pollution. The MRSP value of the XT-800 is $439.99. Airzone backs their air purifiers with a 5 year warranty. This sets them apart in the ozone industry as one of the better companies. Whether you get the biggest bang for your buck with AirZone ozone generators, you will get a great value.

Source by John Paul Kane


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