Hook Up To Aga Rayburn Solar Panels For Piping Hot Water!


You might be surprised how much crossover there is within energy efficient technologies. Considerable consumer pressure means greener technologies are developing at a rapid-fire pace. And range cookers are no exception. If you think of ranges as old fashioned, cumbersome coal eaters that heat your house to boiling point with no means of control, think again. This is revolutionary stuff.

Did you know you can use Aga Rayburn solar panels to heat your domestic water? It’s well worth investigating. Calculations prove that solar water heating via your range cooker can heat as much as 65% of your home’s annual hot water needs. Which isn’t to be sneezed at! How does it work? Get someone to fit a smart collection of the latest high performance ‘evacuated’ solar tubes on the roof of your home. Link them to your hot water cylinder. And you’re off. Storing electricity generated by solar panels can be a big challenge. But heating water is straightforward and remarkably efficient. So much so that it deserves a place at the top of your energy saving list. Solar panels reduce your carbon emissions. They can add to your home’s value. And because it looks like the government will continue to legislate in favour of renewable energy in future, there are ongoing social and financial benefits too.

AGA Rayburn solar collectors feature some serious insulation! The vacuum inside the tubes protects the system from the elements and collects the sun’s energy efficiently, transferring a high proportion of it into energy with minimum heat loss. They work all day, as long as it’s light. And they can even heat your domestic water when it’s cold and horrid outside. In fact they’re around 30% more effective than ‘flat plate’ solar panels.

Anything we can do to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels helps. The fantastically efficient Rayburn Heatranger cooker is a chef’s paradise as well as heating your water and even your central heating if you wish, with the option to connect up to 20 radiators, under floor heating or both. They come in different shapes and sizes. There’s the choice of solid fuel, gas or oil models. Or go for wood fired Heatranger range cookers if you’re close to a sustainable source of firewood.

Source by David Robert Bowen


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