Infrared Heaters Reviews – Kozy World KWN321 30,000 – BTU Vent-Free Natural-Gas Infrared Wall Heater


The Kozy World 30,000 BTU vent-free natural-gas wall compact space heater is easily mounted to the wall for even heat and can heat up to 1,000 square feet.

It has a vent-free, convenient design that does away with requiring outside venting and operates with 99% efficiency. Users have the choice between variable heat and thermostatically controlled heat.

This heater has insta-light ignition, which provides immediate start in a simple step (matchless piezo ignition). The Kozy World heater runs on natural gas and the infrared feature offers warm, direct heat to consumers immediately upon start up.

This means that the direct heat from the radiant plaques heat people in the room faster than heating the air around them.

Aside from the safety of being mounted to the wall, the heater offers a watch pilot assembly that assures that the gas flow shuts off automatically if the pilot is extinguished. The built-in oxygen depletion sensors puts out the flame if the oxygen levels drop below acceptable standards and the pressure regulator maintains a steady gas flow for a safe and even burn.

Since this heater runs on natural gas, which are odorless and safe, users will be able to run it while the power is off and/or without electricity costs. Customers will also save money using it because it uses less energy and, overall, costs less to run it.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning major fuel, so users can rest safe knowing they are leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

The unit is made with a heavy-duty steel cabinet and neutral finish, and top mounting controls. Wall mounting brackets and instruction manual are included.

Kozy World KWN321 30,000- BTU Vent-Free Natural-Gas Infrared Wall Heater Features

  • 30,000 BTU natural-gas wall heater for spaces up to 1,000 square feet
  • Electronic piezo ignition system provides easy start ups; radiates instant infrared heat
  • Safe-watch pilot assembly, built-in oxygen depletion sensor, and pressure regulator for safety
  • Variable heat control; wall-mounting brackets and detailed instructions included
  • Measures approximately 7 by 26 3/5 by 23 inches

Kozy World KWN321 30,000- BTU Vent-Free Natural-Gas Infrared Heaters Consumer Reports

The reviews for the Kozy World 30,000BTU wall heater are overwhelmingly positive. Most all reviewing users feel like this heater is the way to go. The on-the-wall design is extremely convenient and conducive to heat transfer. Most every user commented that the heat output from the Kozy World heater is extremely high. The control system on top of the unit is a plus.

Most users have more than one Kozy World heater in their home. One Kozy World customer hooked up a 5 gallon propane tank to the heater and got a full 24 hours of heat at full power.

The only user comment that is less than excellent was very good and included a suggestion of adding a fan above the heater. That adds a way to circulate the heat a little faster. Most users did not think this was necessary though.

Overall, the Kozy World infrared natural gas wall heater inspires extremely high customer satisfaction.

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