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BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas warned viewers that the high pressure that had brought recent dry settled weather to parts of the UK and France is now clearing away. The presenter noted that the low pressure now present was bringing a “really different feel” to the weather. Clouds will move their way across parts of Spain, France, up towards the UK and into Norway.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “So there is some wet weather here tracking its way eastwards over the next few days.

“On Friday, there’ll be some really heavy rain.

“Anywhere from southern Italy through Croatia up towards Poland will see some heavy bursts of rain there as well.

“Towards the south east, it is dry and warm for much of Turkey into Greece as well.”

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She continued: “But as we head further westwards, we’re back into that unsettled weather.

“Blustery winds and some fairly heavy showers too are expected.

“There could be a little bit of flooding in there across Norway with more rain also combined with some snow melt as well.

“There’ll be blustery winds for the UK and into France as well.”

Ms Keith-Lucas told viewers: “There’s still some heavy showers lingering further south into Greece through the day on Saturday.

“For London and for Paris, we’re likely to see some showery conditions through the course of the weekend.

“But it turns a little bit drier and a touch warmer as we head on through into next week.

“Madrid and Rome will also see a few showers at times over the next few days.

“There’ll be showers in Berlin on Monday while it looks dry for Athens.”

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